Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Part 5 in the series Faith that works. Dealing with the inner conflicts we feel in our lives and how to handle them properly.

Face to Face with yourself: inner conflict

James chapter 4:1-6


We are still in the series Faith that works. I believe this is the 5th sermon. This morning dealing with inner conflict. Some say “I hope so and so is listening”. “Get him/her preacher”. This morning it is about taking a look inside yourself. You remember that James is talking to believers, not the world.

James 4:1-6

You see here that James really begins to speak to the closets of people lives. The skeleton rooms. The room that people hide from everyone else.. If you really look inside yourself, isn’t true, most of your problems are because of the battle that goes on inside of you. I’ve counseled long enough and been honest with myself enough to know that that is true.

I know that most of the time we know what is bothering us. We usually just don’t want to deal with it. (People say) I don’t know why I’m crouchy- most of the time you do, you just don’t want to say. Fights, quarrels, harsh words, bad attitude, come usually because something is stopping you from getting your way.

The battle of selfishness. I want it now I am not willing to wait. I am not willing to wait for God’s best, so I will settle for less now I want it yesterday.

Statistics tell us that the church and the world are alike when it comes to dealing with internal conflicts. (1)Divorce rate- about the same.(2)Living above our means- same.

(3)Immoral living- some have us higher, we just hide it better.

How will we get money (money that will change their life)

Sue to get it

Play the lottery.

Inherit it- waiting for granny to die.

We See people who spend a lifetime to acquire. Younger generation buying into the lie of consumerism. That they deserve it now. Don’t wait like your parents did. There should be a great distinction between the church and the world. The church should be setting the bar high and living a higher standard.

Acts chapter 5- Ananias and Saphirra sell a property, lie to the apostles for the amount given and God takes drastic measures and the church is woke up. Pretending to be something there not. Pretending to live like the Jones, living a lie. Coveting.

Truth be told, Jones are extended out, your following the Jones, and someone is following you. A vicious cycle of trying to empress someone you barely know. God says (v5) that He is a jealous God. He does not share the glory with anyone. He will not for long allow us to praise someone or something for our lives. There is a lot of things being offered on the altar of consumerism. Not to God, but a self made god and inside of us is a void that cannot be filled, a emptiness that has left our lives in chaos, unhappy although sometimes with a lot of stuff. There is a truth in the verse “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Outside the church, the church is accused of being a hypocrites. And some of it is justified. We don’t live up to what we know is right. say one thing and do another. But I say to the critics. Join us and there will be one more. I see this verse as God is a jealous God. He doesn’t share his glory and He will oppose and get after those that are proud and rebellious toward Him. But to those that are diligently seeking Him. I see Him pouring out his grace.

Definition of grace is “unmerited favor”. Giving us something we do not deserve. The turmoil inside of us alot of the time is self inflicted. We are rebellious against God. We are creating chaos in our lives. Because of rebellion it has affected our relationship with God and everyone else around us.

Let me give you some background of some of the translated words to this verse.

Quarrels- Greek word means- “continuous feuds in conflicts” Not arguments, or disagreements that get settled, but the Hatfields and Mccoys . I never forget. I never forgive. You cannot remember what started it, why you are fighting, but you remember it was a good reason.

Long drawn out resentment.

Spiritual bitterness toward God and others.

Life in general just stinks and you let everyone know you are unhappy.

Fights- Greek word means- “individual conflict, sudden explosions.”

Remember He is talking to Christians, those that know Christ. These emotions going on in Christian homes, living their lives in turmoil.


Come to church and you fought the whole way . The kids are a mess, you are one step from eatting your young and you hit the church door- Hello brother, Hello sister Great day in the kingdom of God isn’t it. How about the Olympics, didn’t we do well?

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