Summary: Adapted from a sermon by Joseph Rodgers. Thanks for the wonderful work. As He was riding the colt, the people begin to lay down their cloaks and palm branches as they call out, “Hosanna… blessed is He who comes in the name

For the last few weeks we took a long walk with Jesus

What did Jesus see as He entered Jerusalem for the last time, in His earthly form?

This morning, I want to start a series that will allow us to see things through the eyes of Christ.

Instead of seeing things from our perspective, I want us to see the this final week from His point of view.

There are a few things that we need to remember.

1 Jesus was God in the flesh sent from Heaven to make the final atonement for sin. And He was absolutely aware of it. (Lk. 19:10)

2 Jesus knew that He was coming to the end of His on this earth. (Mk. 14:6f)

3 He already knew that He would be betrayed…many would falsely accuse Him and He would be crucified between two criminals. (Mt. 18:31f)

4 Jesus knew that the penalty for sin could only be paid by death and that only through His death could salvation and life be brought to His creation. (Jn 14:6)

We find Jesus five days before the Passover.

When you read your Bible do you realize that in less than a week Jesus would be hanging on a cross for your sin and mine?

Do you remember what happened while Jesus was visiting the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus?

Mary poured out that expensive perfume, anointing Jesus in preparation for His burial.

As Jesus nears the city of Jerusalem, He sends two of His disciples ahead to bring a colt for His use.

As He was riding the colt, the people begin to lay down their cloaks and palm branches as they call out, “Hosanna… blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

I The King Comes to Town Mt. 21:1-11

Riding in on a donkey which is a sign of Peace rather than riding in a horse, which is a sign of a victorious warrior.

In times of war, the conqueror would ride in on a big majestic white stallion, but in times of peace, the king would often ride in on a colt to symbolize that peace prevailed.

Jesus enters as the Prince of Peace.

Hosanna Save us was their cry– The people were looking for relief from Rome.

A celebration breaks out! And while the celebration continues, Jesus begins to cry. Why?

Maybe …

A. He saw the present and the Future

He saw that His kingdom would be rejected!

B. He saw His Creation

He saw His disciples, the Pharisees, the Romans, the crowds.

People react differently when Jesus shows up. Some rush to praise Him. Others reject Him in anger.

When Jesus comes, He demands a response and the truth is, everyone will either bow before Him or fight against Him.

1. He saw those who were Confident, those who celebrate and are cured

They couldn't help but to be excited as they tried to see and touch Jesus.

a They were happy to see Jesus

b They didn't come to fulfill a habit but to fulfill a dream.

c They didn't come to put in their time, they came to give of their lives

Notice that those who were excited about His rule honored Him as their king and Messiah. They did everything they could to honor Jesus’ arrival.

2 He saw the Calloused and condemned

They couldn't stand the fact that people were getting excited about Jesus.

a Jesus upset their rituals

You see before Jesus showed up:

(1) They had a comfortable religion

(2) They had self-made boundaries to live by, that kept others beneath them

(3) They had a way to raise themselves above others

b Jesus upset their power over people

Before Jesus:

(1) They were the religious leaders and people were in awe of THEM

(2) They provided spiritual guidance, even if it led the people away from God

(3) They were considered godly even if it was “self righteousness”

Let me ask you a question:

How do you respond when Jesus comes to church?

Do you receive Him or reject Him? Are you a disciple or a Pharisee?

Here’s a quick Test:

1 I tend to get upset when things don’t go my way at church – I like my church just the way it is.

2 I tend to be negative towards the church and towards people and things that I don’t fully understand.

3 This is my church and I’m not going to let anyone change me or move me.

4 I used to serve in this or that position…

5 Do you know who I am?

6 I’m okay with God, but I used to be closer.

7 I’ve done my time…

8 That money could have used for something else - to feed the poor, etc.

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