Summary: Facing up to the challenge that GOD puts before you,and running threw the challenge that satan ptus before you

Nehemiah 1:1-4

We shrink back and feel overwheimed.But this action packed book can help us.

The first 6 chapters deal with rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. And the final 7 chapters deal with rebuilding the lives of the people with in the walls.

Both are vitally important.Both presented a great challenge.Nehemiah’s example shows us that GOD can take anyone,regardless of background,education,and,training.And use that person in a powerfulway to accomplish divine purposes.

1.Recognizing the need (v1-3)

Nehemiah took a balanced approach,being deeply concerned,but not in despair.

2.Accepting personal responsibility (v4)

In our culture we’ve been told that real men do’nt show emmotion,Ecclesiates 3 say there’s a time to weep.

3.Seeking GOD for the solution.

A.parent’s challenge of raising GODLY children.

B.Christian’s challenge to personal holiness. Nehemiah shows us it’s possible to be GODLY even in a pagon culture C.worker’s challenge to obey GOD’S call. need is not a call,but a need is a call to pray about the call.

Nehemiah was prepared when GOD’S call came

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