Summary: A sermon imphasizing the importants of remembering that God is I AM and He is in our lives today. With him in our lives nothing else is important.

Fact # 3

Opening Song: To God be the Glory!

Text: Zechariah 4:6 & 7

I. There are many great leaders in Israel’s history. But there are two that seem to stand out. Both respected and revered because of the great things God did through them. Two men God handpicked, trained and molded to lead God’s people. Two men of Giant faith. Two men who were not perfect. They made some very big mistakes.

A. But we don’t want to focus on their mistakes here today but instead we want to focus on their victories.

B. We can learn a lot from their victories and their training.

C. You see God took both of these men and trained them.

II. Moses, should have died. He should have died moments after he came out of his mother’s womb. That was the decree. But God spared his life. Because he had big things planned for him.

A. First 12 years of his life he had a God centered upbringing

B. Then he received an Egyptian upbringing

1. As a prince in Egypt he would be required to participate in the religions of Egypt. The worship of Ra, Anubis, and Maat to name a few.

2. This worship would be his first test and in the book of Hebrews we get to glimpse Moses’ Test and we see how he responded Heb. 11:24-26

3. In the courts of Egypt he would have learned about leadership, politics, and ruling from the best teachers available. But that wasn’t enough.

C. After receiving the best education Egypt could offer, Moses graduated and went on to what I like to call, God’s pasture of higher learning. Sheep herding 40yrs. Where he may take such classes as:

1. Patience 101

2. Long suffering 320

3. Humility 405

D. Graduation day came and THE I AM sent him to work. And what a final exam he had to face there. Biggest challenge, to face god on earth. Pharaoh

1. Pharaoh was seen and believed to be a god. Pharaoh had no knowledge of God. Exodus 5:1,2

2. Didn?t come with sword spear or shield, but came in the spirit of the Lord. In the name of the Lord, "I AM THAT I AM." For the battle belongs to the Lord.

3. Moses had some troubles but he had something Pharaoh did not have. And that was Fact #3.

4. Fact #1 The People of Israel were slaves just like you and I today are slaves of sin.

5. Fact #2 The people of God must be set Free

6. It seemed impossible but he had Fact #3 the I AM. The important thing to remember here is that he is the I AM today as well. And when we know that and believe in the I AM in our lives today, Fact #1 and Fact #2 become insignificant.

7. And When Moses came to Egypt, against Pharaoh, there was no chance for Pharaoh. God’s people were freed from slavery. We must never forget the power of God to free us from our own slavery.

III. David, born and raised in Bethlehem Judah. Raised by a God fearing father.

A. Also attended God?s pastures of higher learning. There is something about a shepherd that God likes. Patience, humility and courage classes.

B. The current Ruler Saul had rejected God’s leading, discipline and reprimands. I Samuel 15:22,23 Stubborn, self-centered and proud

C. Saul was a mountain of a man but he was not a true servant of God willing to receive God’s Guidance. It’s not about strong will or hulking biceps. For the battle belongs to the Lord. He was not a man grounded in Fact #3.

D. God had rejected Saul I Sam. 16:1-5,10-13. 1. Vs 1. I have provided! I have to move on. Complete rejection of God and the Holy Spirit.

2. When Samuel came to select the new king from among Jesse’s son’s he saw a second Saul. Vs 5 Eliab = Saul. But God judges the Heart.

3. Vs 10-11. Is this all? No but the pansy musician shepherd couldn’t be the anointed of God.

Illustration: Some people are good looking and that is fine and acceptable in male dominated culture. But David was a sensitive and emotional man who was also good looking. And men like that get bad labels in male dominated cultures. David wasn’t a pansy he just looked and acted like one. He was a mighty man of valor because he was a man grounded in God.

5. Vs 12-13 David. And the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward.

E. His schooling wasn’t over. David got sent home because of the war. I Sam 17:15 He returned home to tend sheep. But had some challenges to face. Some tests to take.

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