Summary: From Romans 9 & 10 I see 5 undeniable facts about salvation.

Facts about Salvation Romans 9 & 10 Preached at Midway Community Church May 14, 2000

Personal Testimony; Romans 9 & 10 gives us some reveling facts about salvation;

As we examine these facts together, I want you to do something for me; be honest, this is to eternal an issue for anyone to be dishonest with yourself. You will be the one who will either end up being the winner or looser here. Be open; right now, don’t close up your mind saying "I’ve heard this a hundred times" Just be open to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal your present spiritual condition, some in here probably struggle with this issue al lot; Respond; If the Holy Spirit reveals through this message that you are without Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and you sense you need to respond, do not let the devil continue to have his way, this one time allow God to win you over.

FACTS ABOUT SALVATION: Facts are facts, we may not know the facts, we may not want the fact to be true, but that does not change the facts. These are not feelings. Nor or they my opinion but they are facts concerning the issue of salvation;

FACT NUMBER ONE: SALVATION IS THE FORMOST AND UTMOST ISSUE FOR A HUMAN BEING; v1-3 note the anguish of Paul; he would give up his relationship with Jesus if that were possible; why would he talk like this? Paul knew what it was like to be without this relationship, and now to have this relationship, what it was like to be religious but not have a relationship, to be unforgiving and now to experience forgiveness, to have the fear of death removed, to be standing in grace, to receive the promises of God, to know what it is like to be fully accepted, to finally have value and competence with out performing to get these needs met; he knew what it was like to have the void and empty hole filled in his life; to know he would never face God in Judgement or never to be condemned; who was he in anguish over? V4 special privileged people; above all people should have responded immediately to the gospel message of Jesus Christ; and yet they rejected Him; every reason to respond but they rejected Him! IS SALVATION THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU? IT IS WITH GOD; His son was separated from Him so you could be saved; His son was cursed so you could have a relationship; His son bore everyone of our sins so he could have a relationship with me; He died to have this relationship; we are special, He emptied heaven for me that is how important it was to Him for me to be in a relationship with Him; He wants to take care of me, to carry me when I cannot carry myself, he wants me to be fully dependent upon him, to come to him when I am weary, to call on him when I am hurt etc. He has great gifts to give those who come into a relationship with Him; it is JUST AS IMPORTANT TO HIM AS IT IS FOR US;

FACT NUMBER TWO: SALVATION IS THE FATHER’S CALL; V6-29; there are some things here that might make us all uncomfortable but don’t sit there and dispute the facts that are revealed here in these difficult passages; after studying them and praying over them, I have come to the conclusion that Salvation is the Fathers call; a person does not get saved anytime they chose; God has to begin the process and now I am going to make a statement that will disturb some but it is here in Scripture: Don’t get angry with God because God’s plan to save people does not line up with our ideas or our thinking, His thoughts are above ours; Just hear the facts; Salvation is the fathers call; who he calls and why He calls is all up to Him; why do some remain unsaved if salvation is of foremost and utmost importance? Hopefully this question will be answered before we are done with this message; GOD CHOSES WHO TO HONOR AND TO HARDEN DON’T LOSE SITE OF THIS FACT;

1. He chooses based on his plan; v6-9 God has a plan, always had a plan, he never has to adjust his plan to suit the situation before Abraham was born He had a plan, he knew what He was going to do through Abraham and Sara; It was through this couple the redeemer would come and he chose which descendants would be a receipts of his plan; which ones he would honor with mercy and which ones he would harden; one harden and one honored both were part of His plan; he has got it all under control;

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