Summary: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Tap Inn to The Holy Spirit Gerald Van Horn

Series 1 of 5 on the Holy Spirit


I recently read an article dated March 12, 2012 in the Jerusalem Post that was titled, “Terror attack in Itamar: 5 family members murdered.” I remembered the feeling and the emotion that came over me when I read this article. The holy anger. The burden for the Jewish people.

The subtitle read, “Police suspect armed terrorist entered a house in West Bank and stabbed a couple along with 3 children; 2 other children escaped un harmed.

The article goes on to say that “Five family members were found murdered in their residence in the West Bank of Itamar settlement Friday over night, after a suspect terrorist broke and entered the house and stabbed the five to death.”


All this Jewish family was doing was exactly what was promised to them. God promised this land to them.

Here in America we Christians feel like our faith is being tested by something silly as a traffic jam. The truth is we are spoiled, including me,

And yet, we feel such a burden for these people. The Jewish people in Israel. Or, maybe you remember 911. Maybe the Holy Spirit laid it upon your heart to pray for one of the victims.

The Holy Spirit can stir our hearts in an unusual way. It is the Holy Spirit who places that burden in our hearts. He will make us do things like “pray.” It’s the Holy Spirit that keeps the situation on our minds. We can’t shake it.

Have you ever had a family member where the Holy Spirit places a tremendous burden on your heart for them? You pray. You fast. You need to feel the breakthrough.

I recently preached a sermon series entitled, “Necessary Enemy.” I had no idea what some of you were going through at the time. But later I found out that some of you have some huge enemies in your life. This is exactly how the Holy Spirit works. He knows what you need. He sets up the situation. He knows what you need. He sets up the situation. He moves. He breathes. He is working at all times

There is only one thing more powerful than seeing the Holy Spirit work in someone else’s life and that seeing him work in yours.

If you want power, confidence, joy, peace and more love in your life, ask the Holy Spirit come and do something new in you. You may be surprised how the Holy Spirit will show up in your life.

I promise you, when the Holy Spirit shows up in your life it will cease to be dry and mechanical. Instead your life will be exciting filled with awe at the power of the Holy Spirit.

Who is the Holy Spirit? I believe that many Christians have a blurred notion of who the Holy Spirit is. The holy Spirit is not a “Holy Ghost” in the Halloween sense of a ghost. Neither is he a force like the one found in the movie “Star Wars.”

The Holy Spirit is a real person. He is the third member of the Trinity. I believe he is the most overlooked and neglected of the Trinity. We hear preachers preach about God or Jesus but seldom do we hear them preach about the Holy Spirit. The truth is he is just as divine as the Father and the Son.

Facts concerning the Holy Spirit:

1. He possesses a divine personality and personally chooses people for ministry assignment. That’s right. It’s the Holy Spirit that gives you your assignment. It’s the Holy Spirit that spoke to us to plant a church in this area.

Acts 13:2. While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” Do you want to know your assignment? Begin ti fast. Begin ti pray. Begin to worship. The Holy Spirit will speak to you.

The second fact concerning the Holy Spirit is:

2. He communicates with us and searches out the deep things of God to make them known to believers. In the book of Revelation, we see this often, “He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit says.” It is the Holy Spirit that communicates with us. In 1 Corinthians Paul says, “but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit, the Spirit searches all things even the deep things ofGod. For who among men knows the thoughts of man except the man’s spirit with in him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.”

So it is the Holy Spirit that drives us to know God more. To understand his Word more. To have a deeper relationship with him. It is the Holy Spirit that gives us knowledge concerning the things of God.

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