Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Turning failures into a stepping stones for success



Genesis 37, 39, 40-14


To know:

• What is means to Fail forward?

• Why do we have to fail forward?

• Why is failure important factor in our success?

To do:

• Do not fear failure but Take Actions.



We are continuing on our topic about the Eagle based on Isa. 40:30-31. We have learned that the eagle undergo a molting process where it loses its feathers, claws, talons, but eventually the eagle regain it. Feathers grow back. This morning we will stay in that topic. Two Sundays ago, we have learned that everyone undergo a testing, trial and depression. Even great men of God were not exempted.

We have already learned about Peter and Elijah. They have failed but they did not give up but get up! Today, we will talk about another great man of the Bible. This young man failed many times but he got up. He failed forward. Today, we will talk about failing forward. His name is Joseph. Let’s open our bibles in Genesis 37, 39, 40.

Who was oseph:

• One of the 12 sons of Jacob

• He was the favorite son of Jacob-Gen 37:3

• His brothers were jealous of him

• He was young, 17 years old

• He was hated by his brothers

• He was a dreamer


• Because he was the Dad’s favorite, Joseph became proud and his brothers get jealous and hated him-v.19

• They plotted to kill him but was saved by the eldest brother Reuben – vv.18-22

• Instead he was sold to merchants going to Egypt – v.28

• The sons made up a story that Joseph was killed by an animal


This morning we will learn the attitude of a person that in spite of difficulties in life he CAN still become successful. In fact, we shall answer the question

“What is the difference between those who achieves and those who do not?”

Why some people achieve while others do not?

Is it because of …

• Wealth

• Family background

• Opportunities

• Midas touch

• Blessing

• Luck

We will soon find out that these are not the reasons but on their attitudewhen they experience failure. The difference between achieving people and average people are their perception of and response to failure.


To continue with JOSEPH. He was thrown into a pit and sold as slave to Egypt. In Egypt, he resolved to make good out of a bad situation. He was a slave in Potiphar house but in Genesis 39:2-5. But God prospered Joseph and he became Potiphar’s house manager until Potiphar’s wife seduced him to sleep with him. When Joseph refused, she made Potiphar put Joseph behind bars in PRISON.

We can say ang malas naman ni Joseph. Joseph failed again but Joseph learned not to complain but learn to live optimistically. He had a positive attitude even in the midst of difficulties. IF YOU WERE JOSEPH, you could probably complain and resolved to accept the bad luck. But not Joseph. In prison the Lord was with him and blessed him v. 20-23. In Chapter 40 we learn that two of the Kings most trusted officials were imprisoned and were put in charge of Joseph. They both had a dream but no one could interpret it. Joseph interpreted the dreams and happened exactly as he told it. He asked the cup bearer to tell Pharaoh about him, but the cup bearer forgot for two years. Another failure.

We will continue the story of Joseph a little later but let us define what failure is not…

WHAT FAILURE IS NOT? (From the book FAILING FORWARD by Dr. John Maxwell)

We all know what failure is. Today we will define what Failure is not. We will also learn how to turn mistakes into stepping stones to success.

1. Failure is not avoidable. If you’re a human being, you are going to commit mistakes

2. Failure is not just an event. Failure is a process. If you plunk a test it means you fail the process of passing the test. Success is not a destination so is with failure. How you deal with life along the way. MARY KAY ASH

3. Failure is not objective. It is subjective. Only you can tell if you fail or not. Your perception of and response to failure will determine whether your action is a failure

4. Failure is not an enemy. It takes adversity to create success. It is a Fertilizer.

5. Failure is not irreversible. It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose your cow

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