Summary: Left behind when I was so sure I would go.

Text Matthew 25:1-13

Matt 25:13.. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. KJV


The parable concerning the ten virgins isn’t a new one to the church world. It has been preached upon many different times and many different ways. I suppose that it is one of the most popular parables next to the parable concerning the prodigal son, as far a being preached.

This morning I simply want to deal with the failures of the five foolish virgins, for we know the wise made it. If we see the failures then we can avoid the pitfall, and aid ourselves in right thinking and right planning as we live this life for Christ.

We know that these particular individuals in this allegory are traveling together going to the same place. It appears that they are doing the same things, traveling the same speed and finally end up in the same place waiting for the blessed event.

Up to this point you can’t tell one bit of difference by looking at them or by analyzing their conduct, or the way they dress or talk. They are all exactly the same in that context.

The Foolish and the wise are exactly the same until they arrive at a particular point in time. It is only then, that we can tell the difference.

They are conversing as they walk to meet the Bridegroom, but five of them had different attitudes and outlooks on the mission than did the five wise. The depth of the difference in their methods of operation isn’t seen until the finality of the crisis moment.

The Crisis Moment was the moment that should have been a great time of rejoicing, but because of the method they used,and operating in the mentality they had, cost them everything that should have been theirs.


A. They Had To Sleep!

1. The closer it came to the time for the bridegroom to come the more sleepy they became.

B. While they slept the darkness drained them of the very fuel they needed to keep their lights shining.

C. The call would come, all knew it would but the foolish refused to put forth any extra effort to make sure that no matter how long they had to tarry, the would be alright and the light would be able to function even in the midnight hour!


A. To tired to travel

B. To foolish to ensure

C. To arrogant to care

D. To lost to find their way

E. To ill-equipped to finish the journey

F. To cheap to make sure they had enough

G. To lazy to put forth the effort to carry alittle extra just to be sure.


Now in a crisis situation and desperate to be able to go, but their unwillingness to do a little extra caught them in that moment and now they will be left behind.

If a man or woman, boy or girl, will only due what they call just enough, they will find themselves in a place of not having enough. FOR NONE CAN CALCULATE THE EXACT AMOUNT IT TAKES TO GET TO HEAVEN, JUST HOW MUCH LOVE IS ENOUGH, HOW MUCH GIVING IS ENOUGH, HOW MUCH HOPE IS ENOUGH. You can’t calculate it.

A. They lost it all gambling on what they thought was right, rather than making sure they had enough.

B. They thought they could beg and get enough to finish, but it was required that they have their own oil.

C. They didn’t have time to make it right and get their own oil.

1. Illustration: A farmer had caught a bird and put it in a cage. IT was the time of migration. For about three weeks that bird was going crazy trying to migrate, but about the end of the third week, the bird stopped and just settled down. The farmer let the bird go and it didn’t even try to fly away. There was a time when inside it was being driven to go, but when it didn’t yield it lost the opportunity to save its life.


How many today are letting some thing hold them back when God is tugging at their hearts so strongly?

That tugging won’t always last, don’t take it for granted for it won’t always be there; pass it by and you might not feel it again or pass it by and it may be like these five foolish virgins who woke up only to find they were left behind, as they had to watch the others leave.

What if a backslider could see a Christian leave in the rapture but couldn’t join in the blessed event? How much horror would that be?

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