Summary: Week 2 on a study of Faith

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Faith can make you look like a fool!

Hebrews 11:7

Genesis 5-8

Last week we learned what faith is, what it can do and that without it, it is impossible to please God. We read about Abel and Enoch’s great faith and how it is important in our relationship with God.

This week, we are going to learn about how it can make us look foolish in the eyes of the world. How by living by faith, we sometimes make no sense to the rest of the world. They think we may have gone a little “looloo!”

God has given us the word to go to for instructions. If we are not in the word, and in it often, we can sometimes be lost for direction. But that is not the only way he gives us instruction! He also speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. In fact, the sometimes the specific things that God is telling us is actually spoken to us through that soft, inner voice inside of us. Though his direction for us through that soft voice makes no human sense.

Yet, by faith we seek to be obedient to God, and follow wherever he leads us. We presume that one day he will prove we heard him right. Does that always happen? I don’t think so! We must keep in mind that our will is not necessarily His will!

I can imagine how Noah must have felt. I mean, he didn’t build the arc overnight! During those Years that it must have taken, he probably looked a little odd to the people around him, right? I am sure that he really took a lot of ribbing from other people while he built it, even from friends and family!

Think about a time when God spoke to you and told you to do something that made absolutely sense at all. Maybe you had a love one that was really sick, and he told you to wait for their healing, but as you obeyed, the outcome was different than what you thought it would be. Just how did you feel? Maybe hurt, or let down? Disappointed?

A lot of people would be angry with God. They would be upset because they knew that He could answer their prayers. What they do not understand, or will not understand is that while He can do anything, there is a reason for the results he gave. We may not be able to see the ‘big picture’ yet, but we have to have faith that He is right, and all knowing. He allows things to happen for His will to be completed, not mine. Not yours. That is where faith really comes into play.

I hear stories, as do we all, of how something tragic happened to someone. Of how someone prayed fervently that the sick one would be healed, and because did not heal them, they would be upset with God. When you get down to the nitty gritty, they are mad because their will was not completed. That is a hard thing to swallow, I know, but Satan attacks us when we do not get what we want. He tells us things like, “He doesn’t care,” or there is no God. If there is, He is not loving.

That makes some people lash out at God. It makes them pull away from the one that they should be running to, the true giver of comfort and peace. They begin to fall away from their faith in God. But God does not give up on them. He never has and never will. He loves them anyway.

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