Summary: How Job handled God’s silence

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When was the last time you had a bad consumer experience?

Sooner or later, most of us have some experience with the trade or business world that makes us wish we had an easy recourse for at least registering a complaint. There is, of course, the Better Business Bureau, and that agency can be quite effective in resolving a dispute between a consumer and a company, but that doesn’t happen in every case. And sometimes, your gripe is not over a product or a transaction, but over a perceived attitude; you just don’t like how you were treated.

+ Well, now there is a place to chronicle your crying. It’s called the Bad Business Bureau, and it is found on the Internet at It’s an aggrieved consumer’s paradise where once you register your criticism, it stays on the public record for as long as the Web site exists. Nobody edits your grousing, and, unlike the Better Business Bureau, where complaints are removed once they are satisfactorily resolved, this site allows all of the grievance statements to remain to “create a working history on the company or individual in question.” What’s more, you can stay anonymous when you file your grumblings.

The site does offer the businesses a place to offer a rebuttal, but it is first and foremost a forum for consumers with grievances.

S______ sewing machines are suppose to be good brand

I bought a S______ sewing machines and had some trouble with it.

I took it to have it repaired and found out that the warrantee is no good. it only is good to be free from defective manufacturing so 25year warrantee covers nothing after you start using it.

This is a rip-off. It doesn’t say only 25 year warrantee on the box so you do not know when you buy it that it covers nothing.

In 1999 I bought a new M______ washer and dryer. 2 years ago I started having problems and having to pay for repairs. I did not hear anything about a class action lawsuit, etc. Some of the repairs were covered by warranty, some were not. I have been trying for about a year now to get M______ to pay for the rest of my repairs to my washer, or to have included me in the lawsuit but they refuse. They say that where I bought the washer and dryer) should have notified them of my purchase and that they should pay for it. The store says it is not their responsibility. So right now I have a washer I can’t use and a dryer that makes a terrible racket. M______ wants me to pay $800 to repair a washer that I paid them over $700 to repair just a year ago! Their customer service department has an attitude, and have been repeatedly rude. They tell me it’s just "too bad" and they can’t help me. I will never purchase anything that says M______ on it again.

- Job is a guy in need of a Bad Business Bureau where he can register his complaint

- When Job does voice his complaint, he has a sense that it’s falling on divine deaf ears

- Here is Job upright, blameless, God-fearing

+ ❶ Trapped In Trouble

- Trouble after trouble comes

> Loss of his property 1:15-17 (servants 3 x)

> Loss of his goods 1:14-17

> Death of his children 1:18-19

> Body full of boils 2:7

angry, red, hot, swelling pain having a hard central core, and forming pus - Could have been black leprosy which produce

burning ulcers

> Wife Abandonment 2:9 “Curse God & die”

> Friends called Him a Sinner 4:7-8, 8:16, 11:13

+ ❷ Job’s Complaint – Job 23

> v2 Load is more than I can take

> I cant’s express it in words (groaning)

> v.3 I don’t know where to go to find help

> v. 4 I want to get this off my chest

> v. 8-9 I have tried everything — Nothing

+ Our Reasons for Asking Why -

> Death, > Defeat

> Disaster, > Disappointment

> Divorce,, > Disease

> Results of Asking Why

> Seething Anger,

> Spiritual Abandonment

> Real Life Story - Pastor Alison Bucklin Clayton NJ

Janet had two children. The little girl died of SIDS just before her first birthday, and a couple of years later her son had meningitis, suffered brain damage as a result of the high fever, and got permanently stuck at the mental age of 4 or 5. Her husband found that he couldn’t handle the stress and walked out. Janet’s mother, who moved in with them to help care for the boy while Janet worked, had recently begun exhibiting the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Her company was undergoing restructuring, and Janet wasn’t sure she’d keep her job through the next round of layoffs.

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