Summary: Entropy may be a scientific definition, but definitely something the church should be aware of!

Faith, Entropy, and You

1 Samuel 14:1-13

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states: “All matter works towards greater disorder-not greater order.” Meaning: A system left to itself will over the course of time deteriorate unless an outside force is exerted upon that system thereby regaining some form of order. Case in Point: (Photos) House, Car, Tractor, Barn, Body etc. Any system left to itself will over the course of time deteriorate unless there is an outside force exerted upon that system, which brings about some form of order. This is called Entropy. Let’s look at this from a Biblical standpoint. If you could compare Entropy with one act in the Bible, what would you equate it with? (Photo of Adam and Eve) “For in the day that you eat thereof…You shall surely (?) DIE!” Mankind when left to themselves tend towards greater disorder rather than order. And that ONE ACT of disobedience…Began the process of deterioration. A deterioration that affected everything on planet earth. From man, to plant, to animal, and on down the line. No matter how wise mankind may think himself to be, we are completely helpless to stop the results of the fall. Our bodies are deteriorating. And unless we ACT upon them with proper diet and exercise and rest…They will fail us sooner than we would like for them to. Stop eating and you will eventually die. Stop walking and you will eventually lose muscle tone in your legs and without proper therapy you’ll lose the ability to walk. Any system left to itself…Tends towards greater disorder rather than order. We are living in a world that is moving more and more towards greater disorder! Left to itself…There would be nothing to stop the process. And yet just as sure as Adam and Eve disobeyed God, God promised a Savior. A FORCE…Acting outside of the system working to bring about order. Without that OUTSIDE FORCE working on our behalf…You and I would be hopeless! Because in and of ourselves there is nothing we can physically DO to stop the deterioration. But now, I want you to notice something about this outside force. The Outside Force (God)…Restores order to the SPIRIT, He does not restore order to the FLESH! Christians continue to age. Christians continue to die. Entropy will ultimately run its course on the body. We can maintain our physical bodies for only so long. Ultimately they will fail us and we will die. God performs a work on the heart! A work that if He did not perform we would have absolutely no means of recourse. We cannot exert an outside force on our soul. Only God can do that! However before that act can take place you and I have a part to play. See it’s not enough to know that there’s a cure if we aren’t willing to take the medicine. Two aspirin may make your headache go away but they can’t help you sitting inside the bottle. You have to TAKE them internally before you can feel their effect. In like manner simply knowing that a cure exists for your soul does you no good if you aren’t first willing to take the cure internally! Head knowledge of God will not save your soul. You and I need Heart Knowledge! Heart Knowledge means coming to the point in my life where I realize that I don’t have all the answers AND that I am helpless to do anything about the condition my heart and mind are in. Heart Knowledge means arriving at the conclusion that left to myself I can do nothing to FIX the situation I’m in. “My life is only getting more and more out of control and I don’t seem to be able to DO anything about it.” “I need something outside of myself to change me from the inside out.” Having reached that point it then becomes my responsibility to find and digest the cure. S (Satan) + S (Sin) = E (Entropy). Entropy left to itself produces D (Destruction). I need something to change the equation. Because unless there’s an outside force this equation will remain unchanged.

And there is nothing I can do about it myself. (Results are always the same.)

Remember what the Lord said to Cain BEFORE he killed his brother Abel?

“If you do well, you will be accepted. And if you don’t do well (or what’s right), sin lies at the door.” What had taken place for sin to lie at the door? Mom and Dad partaking of the forbidden fruit! That act opened the door for sin to become a universal cancer. Entropy! Satan + Sin = Destruction! What happened to Cain after he killed his brother? His life was never the same. He became an outcast.

Whatever future he may have had was destroyed the moment he took his brother’s life. Nothing Cain could have said or done would have changed his situation. There weren’t enough “good works” to perform. Didn’t matter how many little old ladies he helped across the street. Didn’t matter how much time he spent volunteering down at the homeless shelter. Didn’t matter how much community service he performed. There was nothing Cain could do to reverse the effects of the equation. The only thing that could have changed Cain’s future

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