Summary: Good is no longer good enough. Okay is no longer acceptable. It’s time to experience God’s possibilities. It’s time to experience God’s blessings. It’s time to walk in faith.

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Tell the story from the mother’s perspective. Can you say all things are possible with God? Tell your neighbor, “Don’t judge me now, because God’s ain’t finished with me yet”. Tell your neighbor, “You need to be confident”. Now quote Phil. 1:6 with me.

Alice and I visited a church this week. The have ss 3 times on Sunday, worship 2 times in morning, and one on Friday night. The way that you check into ss is by using a card similar to your Kroger key card. Their orchestra practice room was larger than our sanctuary. They had more 3 yrs. and younger than the population of Jenson. (450) The population of Pineville wouldn’t fill it. Hear is the point, they built it thinking it would be impossible to fill. They thought they had plenty of room. God said, “with Me, nothing is impossible”.

Today, it is time to catch His vision for our church. Good is no longer good enough. Okay just doesn’t cut the mustard. Johnny is a good teacher. Some of you have been content with sitting under his teaching and never making a move to implement the ministry that God has for you. Say, “It is time”! It is time to be great! It is time to change our way of thinking, our perspective, how we live! We need to stop just getting by, and start experience God’s possibilities! We need to move from fatalism to faith. How do we do this? We live in FAITH!

I. Faith filled mothers hear from God. (9)

Mothers often have a gift of hearing God. A certain sensitivity that others do not experience. To the point to where they often overlook and take their gift for granted. They often assume that others can hear and understand the same way, and when others don’t, mothers can’t understand why?

This lady wasn’t any different. Verse 9 God says, “I have commanded her”. Did she totally understand God’s plan at the time? Did she know God was going to use Elijah? Did she understand to what capacity things would work out? I don’t think she did. However, I do believe that she knew God’s voice, and knew from experience that He would provide. Folks there is just one word for that, FAITH!

II. Faith filled mothers are servants of God. (10-12)

She is in the middle of a task and someone asks her to do something. So she stops, and serves. Remember Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve. Mt. 20:28. He went on to say that if you want to be the greatest you must be a servant. Lk. 22:27. There are a couple of observations here that must be seen.

1-The meaning of her mission. It was very important. This was to be her last meal. This was to be her boys last meal. Don’t take that lightly.

2- The message of her Messiah. I am not talking about Elijah. I am talking about the One who sent Elijah. Notice the message. “Get me a drink of water”. How many of you would balk at this moment? How many of you would say, get your own water, I am busy? How many would somehow justify your decision by saying something to the effect of, “I am sure he has done something sinful to cause him to be thirsty. People just aren’t thirsty this time of day.” But she didn’t. She stopped what she was doing and headed toward the sink to get his water. And then the second part of the message was delivered, “Give me your bread”. It appears as one of those, “Since you were up, get me a…” And that is bad enough because most of us would say, “Who do you think you are. Get it yourself!” But it goes much deeper than this. This is her last meal, and her son’s last meal. It is the priority of priorities! Do you like to be interrupted when you are working on something important? No. When this happens are you polite? No. You are rude! But not her. She was willing to give and serve at the expense of her and her sons life!

Here is the application. More often than not in life we are busy like that woman. What we are doing is very important in our eyes. Often life threatening, right? What was God’s perspective? Not quit the same as yours or mine. God sends His messenger to interrupt our way of thinking and most definitely our task. How we respond is critical. Is God in control? Then we should respond with the same faith and in the same way as this woman!

When we respond to life’s interruptions like this woman, God blesses us like never before!

III. Faith filled mothers walk by faith. (12,15)

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