Summary: Have you ever had people come up to you or someone you know and say, well you’re not healed because you’ve got sin your life. This is not always the case and for us to put that on sick people is wrong. Jesus can override anything…. to get you healed, sav

By: Donna Kazenske

I want you to turn with me, to 1st Thessalonians. There are just so many things that I don’t know yet. How many of you know as you ought to know? It’s a good thing that none of you raised your hands. How many of you understand that we are ever growing and we are ever understanding, in the things of God. If we ever get to the place where we think that we know it all, we’re walking in deception, because we don’t know as we ought to know, we only have bits and pieces. And that’s why we need the body of Christ. Because the piece that I don’t have, the revelation that I don’t have, you probably have it. Hallelujah.

I believe that God has given all of us, pieces of information and that we all know in part. And the Scriptures say that we prophesy in part. Meaning, we don’t prophesy everything because God doesn’t lay it all out before us all at once. But we get pieces of a picture and we prophesy that “piece” only. And this is why it says in Ephesians, chapter one, even as the apostle Paul prayed, I pray that the eyes of your understanding would be opened, because we need to have understanding. How many of you understand, that you cannot step out in faith and do what you don’t understand, because you won’t know how to do it. So this is why it’s so important.

This message on understanding is so vital to me. God has just opened up the eyes of my understanding to understand a little bit more regarding understanding. Can you say, Amen? But He wants our eyes to be opened. That we would be able to see! That we would be able to perceive; that we would be able to understand what the Lord is saying to us in this day and in this hour.

Remember when the Lord was talking with Moses? He said, no one has been able to see My face and live. He’s talking about that natural man. In the natural realm, if God were to show up, my Lord, and just be present before us, we wouldn’t be able to take that with our natural eye, but in the realm of the Spirit, in the eyes of our spirit man, we can see the Lord face to face. Oh, somebody ought to say amen right there. We can see Him face to face. I have seen Him face to face. And a lot of times, when I see Him, when I have visions of Him or have dreams of Him, when I look at His face, it is like such omnipotent light. And other times, I’ve been able to see Him smile, as He looked at me. Oh, the eyes of our heart, the eyes of our understanding need to be opened so we can begin to see, perceive and understand that which God desires to show us and reveal to us in this day and hour. I’m telling you friend, we are lacking. We are lacking in a lot of things.

I talked the other night about strongholds in the mind and how so many of us have believed a lie or we have believed a piece of deception. We thought it was truth and as a result, the enemy built up an ungodly stronghold or belief system in our minds. And as a result of that, we now live out of that ungodly belief system. And then we’re not living out of the truth, we’re living out of an ungodly belief system that we believe is the truth. We’re living in deception.

Now I believe, that in order to get to that next place, there are a lot of keys that we need to lay hold of. One of the keys that God has showed me personally is to tear down those strongholds, those ungodly belief systems in our minds. Because if we don’t believe right, if we don’t believe according to the truth of the Word, we will never walk, operate and demonstrate signs and wonders, period. It’s impossible. And I believe that’s why many in the body of Christ have not walked in signs and wonders the way that we need to be walking in signs and wonders. We’re not lined up with the truth. And you know, faith has a major role to play in our Christian lives. Can you say amen? We’re saved by faith. We’re justified by faith. We’re healed by faith. We’re delivered by faith. We’re baptized in Holy Ghost by faith. And the list can go on and on and on and on.

I was looking through my concordance the other day, for information on faith. And I was just getting so blessed reading the Scripture references. And I said, God, I don’t even know as I ought to know. In the past, I have rarely taught on the subject of faith. But now, You are doing a new thing in me and I see the need for genuine faith to increase in the lives of all born again believers.

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