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Summary: God put Jacob the supplanter in a position in which he had to lean upon a staff and not his schemes.

Faith in a Staff

Hebrews 11:21

We saw last week how Jacob with the help of his mother Rebekah deceived Isaac his father to bless him.

Jacob: The supplanter, he who will trip you up

Point: The episode with his mother no doubt gave justification to this attitude to deceive

Mention: Genesis 28:1-2 Isaac send Jacob to his uncle Laban and instructs him to marry one of his daughters.

There is this encounter with God as he journeys in which God confirms this covenant with him that was made with Abraham and Isaac. Genesis 28:11-16

Vs.19 Bethel “The house of God”

In Genesis chapter 29 Jacob is now reaping what he has sown as his uncle Laban deceives him by first giving him Leah instead of Rachel for a wife so he works 14 years instead of seven for Rachel. He is also deceived of the wages he was promised by Laban.

See: Genesis 31:41 He has been going to the school of deception for 20 years there and still has much to learn.

There are valuable lessons to learn here concerning the life of Jacob

1. God Protects And Not Pamper

He allows Jacob to experience the deceptions, but protect him in the midst of it all.

See: Genesis 31:24 God instructs Laban not to speak good or bad to Jacob which probably another way of saying do not hurt him or help him.

If you thought Laban was his biggest problem you are wrong because now he must deal with Esua who wanted him dead.

See: Genesis 32:1-2 This is God’s host “Mahanaim” Two hosts or bands which refers to his host and the host of the angels God has sent about him.

See: Vs.3-5 He has his messengers to call Esau lord attempting to diffuse the anger he may have

Things really get dicey for him when he finds out that Esau has 400 men with him. See: Vs.6-8

Note: Jacob has schemed up a strategy escape Esau

See: Vs.9-12 We find that now Jacob in his fear as a last resort prays for God to deliver him, but not without his assistance.

See: Vs.13-16 He sends over 500 (580) presents from his flock to appease Esau

See: Vs.20

Point: He is saying LORD I trust you but…

2. God Will Hurt, But Not Harm You

We mention the sovereignty of God last week and here we see something that takes place with Jacob that is God’s sovereign will.

See: Genesis 32:24 We are told the moment Jacob is left to himself he is jumped by God

Note: I have been guilty of saying that Jacob wrestle with God, but the truth be told God initiates this wrestling match and it’s an all nighter.

See: Vs.25-26 The Angel dislocates the hip of Jacob and says to him let Me go, for the day breaketh.

Point: Do you not know this Angel could has loosed Himself in He so desired

Statement: “That fight was fixed”

Could it be that God was saying to Jacob let Me go to have Jacob pursue Him? I do know this that now his thigh is out of joint he realizes his only hope is God.

3. God May Break, But Desires To Bless You

Vs.27 What is thy name? And he said Jacob

Mention: Genesis 27:18 Who art thou my son? He said Esau

Listen: God says to us tonight come clean. What is thy name? You can fool Him so come clean or I will have to break you so I can bless you.

See: Vs.28 It is time for a name change, which is a character change.

See: Vs.29-30 Wherefore is it that thou ask after My name?

See: Vs.31 He halted upon his thigh

See: Hebrews 11:21 He blessed both the sons of Joseph

Mention: Genesis 48:10-14 He purposely crosses him arms and blesses Ephraim over Manasseh

“And worshipped, leaning upon the top of his staff”

Jacob had to come to a place where he realizes that he was not to trust in self, but in the Lord!

Point: We are often guilty of that very thing. We say we trust God but really trust in ourselves.

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