Summary: They key to receive a miracle form Jesus Christ. Why does God do miracles in our life? The purpose of Christian preaching?

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Introduction: Many people pray, read the Bible, go to church, and sometimes serve God but when it comes to issues of life, their faith level is way too low. We say we believe but really we do not expect a change in our lives.

God wants us to be people of faith, people who believe in him. God wants us to trust him for big things. There should be no doubt in us that God has explosive deliverances in store for us. If you believe that shout an Amen!

Acts 3:1 One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer—at three in the afternoon. Peter and John are found together often in scripture. They were partners in the fishing business before they got saved. Together they prepared the Last Supper in the upper room. They ran together to the empty tomb on that 1st Easter morning. In Acts 8 they are ministering together to the Samaritans.

However, they were quite different personalities. Peter was outgoing and always had something to say. But, John was contemplative, reflective, and tender. Some evidence in scripture seems to indicate these two did not always get along. Their personalities were so different that they often had friction. But now that Jesus has ascended and these men are filled with His Holy Spirit, they come together…and here they enter the temple together…not competing for greatness or focusing on each other’s faults, but striving to work together for God’s glory. If we can set aside our differences and work together for the glory of God I believe God can do explosive things through us.

Acts 3:2 Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.

Look at the man: Born crippled/congenital birth defect. For over 40 years he had never walked a day in his life. When other kids would play in the streets, he could only watch. Parents had to carry him as a little boy, teenager, and even as a man! He couldn’t work or get a job. He was moving about in a wheelchair…all he could do was to beg for a living. Now he’s in his 40s, parents are dead or out of picture, no family to care for him, so every day he’d lay by gate where people had to pass by, and he would beg hoping for a few coins in his little tin cup.

Now look at the contrast here of the Gate called Beautiful. Historians tell us this was the eastern gate of the temple, made of Corinthian brass, overlaid with gold and silver…the sun would rise over the eastern mountains. And this entrance to the temple was dazzlingly brilliant! The gate is worth a fortune…but laying at it is this man who is marred, disfigured, and outcast. This gate is wealth, this man is woe. Here is a big contrast of loveliness and lameness, good and bad.

Though man can make some things beautiful in the outside like the beautiful gate in this context or man can deck himself beautiful externally, there comes certain issues in man’s life when only God can make things beautiful. This man could have cut his hair, shave, dress up…but he still would have been lame. He needs God for that. Today you may be good for the outside world but God knows the burning issues of your life and he can give you deliverance in Jesus’ name.

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