Summary: the handling of baby moses resulted in perfect amazing results

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Let us continue to worship our God by learning from His Word; knowing more about our Creator and also learning about ourselves. Open your Bibles to the Book of Exodus…. Last week we noted from Chapter 1 how God allows evil in the world but yet He knows every person and every heart. Do we ever think about this? There are over 7 billion people in the world today and God knows every heart! Next time we’re out in public, take a moment and ponder how God is seeing the hearts of people around you. God knows each one of the and God knows our own heart!

We will focus on Exodus 2: 1-10 today, but let us remind ourselves what happened; take look at Exodus 1:22 again……..

Exodus 1: The Israelites grew in number but the new king of Egypt enslaved them and all Hebrew boys were to be thrown in the Nile to die! BTW, How would those baby boys die in the Nile River?? The baby boys would either drown or be eaten by crocodiles in the Nile!

Read along with me Exodus 2: 1-10…..

v1-2: Based on v2, why did the parents disobey the king and hid the baby (penalty would be death to all)??

Turn briefly with me to Acts 7:20…. What does this indicate?? – As we had noted from Exodus 1, God is always involved with people – God was involved with this new baby!!

Now, take a quick look at Hebrews 11:23…….

So let us note,

God is always involved in people’s lives, but it takes people’s faith in action to reveal godly results! So, when we look at people God knows them but only their faith in action will produce godly results!

Now, take a look again at v3…. Do you think the mom just took a chance with the little boat she made?? Why or why not??

Here’s what we know….

God notes for us in the book of Hebrews that she was a woman of faith! Now, I maybe wrong, but because she was a godly woman, I would not be surprised that she prayed, planned, pray some more, prioritized, prayed again, then proceeded with her action, then praising and trusting God, and not at all doing something by chance! Likely, the 7 P’s were put into action again!! The 7 P’s are biblical principles that we too must practice!

Now v4 is interesting isn’t it? Why do you think this young girl (bible scholars tell us she was 7-14 years old) decided to keep an eye on his younger brother??

There may be a number of reasons (God really doesn’t tell us):

- She was just curious?

- Her parents may have instructed her

- She cared and loved her brother

- God may have told her

And let us note that she stood at a distance, indicating her wisdom, not to be a distraction for Pharaoh’s daughter! We will note more of her later.

Let’s talk a little about Pharaoh’s daughter in v5-6.

v5-6: God doesn’t tell us why Pharaoh’s daughter asked her servants to get the basket (likely just curious) but when she saw it was a Hebrew baby crying, what did she do??

It was a Hebrew baby boy, but he cried and she felt sorry for him.

We note compassion from a supposedly ungodly person! The image of God in Pharaoh’s daughter came out at that moment!

When she realized that it was a Hebrew boy, what was she supposed to do??

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