Summary: The family today is in desperate need for parents with faith that can face the struggles of uncertainty, unkindness, and ungodlyness. In Hannah we get a glowing example of a mother that faced her struggles with faith.

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Intro: Bill

Most of the scholars that you read will look over Hannah and move straight to the last judge of Israel. His name is Samuel in Hebrew means heard of God or God hears. But you cannot bypass one of the most important reasons that Samuel had the relationship with God that he had. Hannah was instrumental in the formation of Samuel’s spiritual life. What an awesome example for us today when it seems the examples of Godly surrender and service are so few. Be encouraged she lived in the time at the end of judges which we are told Judges 21.25 “At that time there was no king in Israel. People did whatever they felt like doing.” Message

I. Hannah’s struggles

A) Issues – what she was against (Bill reading passage and introducing issues)

1) Barren (1-5)

Bill: Social and historical issues

Tina: Emotional issues

Bill: There are barren times in our lives sometimes physically, emotionally, mentally or most especially spiritually. How do you deal with these times?

2) Rivalry in the family (6-7)

Bill: Social and historical issues. God records the reality of polygamy or the practice of having multiple wives. However because he allowed it to be recorded doesn’t mean that God approved it. Genesis is clear one wife for life. When we follow cultural or society codes of ethics we are asking for division and rivalry.


3) Insensitive husband (8)

Tina: Introduces (laughter)

Bill: For the guys: Trying to fix the struggles your wife or the woman in your life faces is not ministry. Personally and biblically seeking to understand what the woman your life faces and standing with her is ministry.

1 Peter 3.7 “In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives. Treat your wife with understanding as you live together. She may be weaker than you are, but she is your equal partner in God’s gift of new life. Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered.” NLT

B) Solutions – What did she do about it (Tina)

1) She faced it with prayer (Tina)

• She went to God (1.9-10) (Tina) No one answering the phone. Women want to talk it out and talk it through. Working it out in our minds by talking through it.

• Intense specific prayer (1.11)(Bill)

• She had no concern for what others thought around her (1.12-16) (Bill)

Many want to exercise their freedom instead of surrendering to God’s will. We don’t just do prayer or worship what we want to do we do what Christ leads us to do. So if it lines up with God’s revealed will in Hi word, Christ’s character then it doesn’t matter what others think.

2) She fought it with action (Tina)

• She got up and acted on the promise (1.17-18) (Tina)

• She became joyful (1.17-18) (Tina)

• She went home and slept with her husband (1.19-20) (Tina)

o Barrenness removed

II. Hannah’s Success (1.21-28) (Bill)

A) Dedication (Bill)

1) Giving herself to God

2) Giving her son to God

3) God kept His end of the deal

4) Hannah kept her end of the deal

a) Weaned the boy

b) Trained the boy (1.28) (Tina) “and he worshipped the Lord there.”

c) Turned over the boy

B) Exaltation – Prayer of thankfulness (2.1-10)

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