Summary: Not only as individuals but also groups and male or female, we all must know how to live by faith.

Let’s continue to worship our God by hearing again His teachings for us in Hebrews 11….

We noted in previous messages that all Believers of God are to live by faith; and this biblical faith is defined as being certain of what God said and take action on it! God does not call us to blind faith. God reveals for us what we need to base our faith on to take action with!

We noted godly people in Hebrews 11 who took action based on faith. Today, we will note groups of people commended for their faith and a woman. Today, our families, our church, any group we are with, and whether male or female, we should take actions by faith in what God tells us!

Read along with me Hebrews 11:29-31 and learn examples on how to live by godly faith….

v29 talks about the people who walked through the Red Sea on dry land but the Egyptians tried but drowned because the water came back to the sea. Let’s refresh ourselves with the story as told in Exodus 14…. let us read v10-31…..

Just a side note: What does Exodus 14:22 indicate?? – There are many theories out there how the dry land happened: from low tide, to actually a lake rather than a sea, to really just a very strong winds that blew the water aside (all of course have holes in those theories). God states that there was a WALL of water on either side! God split the sea; it was not just a low tide to reveal dry land! God definitely performed a miracle for the Hebrews!

Now, did you notice how the people complained! They thought they were about to die; but when the sea split and there was dry land they crossed the Red Sea on that dry land. Weren’t they just so terrified that they took the only escape? Why did God call them faithful??

Look again at v13-14….

Yes the people were complainers but do we hear anymore complaining after v13-14?

v29a: The Hebrews were commended for their faithfulness as they believed in the miracle of God, stopped complaining, and followed God’s instructions!

And what can we say about the second part of v29??

v29b: God truly protected His people and there was definitely a sea deep enough to drown people!

Now let’s take a quick look at the story of the Walls of Jericho in Joshua 6:15-20….

Similarly to the Hebrews who crossed the Red Sea…

v30: The Hebrews were commended for their faithfulness because they simply believed in God and followed God’s instructions; but this time, we do not note any complaining!

And verse 31….. By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient. Let’s take a quick look at the story in Joshua 2….

Why did Rahab lie to her own people in Jericho and protected the Hebrew spies??

Rahab heard about God, believed in God and God’s power!

v31: Rahab took action by faith (believed in God and His power and protected God’s people!)

Another side note: Turn briefly to the Gospel of Matthew….

Rahab, a Canaanite, non-Godbelieving, non-Hebrew, prostitute, because of her faith in action became the great great great great grandmother of the Only Savior of the World, Jesus Christ!

What Biblical Principles from God’s teaching here in Hebrews 11:29-31 can we apply to our lives today?

1. Live (take actions) by faith in the Triune God (Father, son, Holy Spirit)! Hear God, talk to God, yield to God, do what God will approve!

S…. P…. Y…. D = Scripture…. Prayer…. Yield….. Do it!

2. Daily grasp the power of God (How Great Thou Art!) which results in humility! Pray always by starting with Confession and Adoration!

C….. A….. T….. S….. = Confession… Adoration… Thanksgiving… Supplication (Ask)….

And let us note that Rahab protected God’s people and so in the same way….

3. We are to pray for and care for one another in church!

We’ll have to redo our Church Directory so that all of us can be in there and use it to remind ourselves to pray for and care for each other!

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