Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Christians should follow the faith of Jairus!

Let’s continue to worship our God by learning form the Gospel by Mark. We have noted from the beginning of the Gospel that Jesus Christ was proclaimed Messiah God by prophets in the Old Testament and then John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ for the people of Israel. After He was water baptized as an adult, Jesus Christ immediately started His ministry by proclaiming the perfect eternal love of God through faith in Him. Faith in Jesus Christ provides for salvation from the judgment of sins and assures eternal life with a Holy God. This is our faith!! Amen??

Jesus Christ ministered by proclaiming God’s Word and that He is the Word; Jesus performed physical miracles, rebuked demons, and explained what faith is. We can state from what we’ve learned so far that Faith in Jesus Christ requires a response and continued action till we get to heaven.

With these truths in mind, let us continue to learn from Mark 5……….. Last week we learned from the healed woman in Mark 5:25-34. We will learn from Jairus and the healing of his daughter today. Read along with me starting with Mark 5:21….43…

There is so much to learn from this passage but let us simply learn from the main characters of this story.Let us learn from Jairus, the People by Jairus’ home, the disciples, and of course from Jesus.


v22-23: a synagogue leader = a church leader = a believer of God, God’s Word, and a worship leader; And what did this church leader do based on v22-23??

- Like the healed woman who had faith, Jairus obviously searched for and went to Jesus (leaving a dying daughter behind)

- Humbled himself before Jesus (what does this indicate about Jairus’ view of Jesus??)

- What does it mean that Jairus pleaded earnestly?? Jairus asked with all of his heart!

- Let us note that Jairus loved his daughter!

- And what does it indicate about Jairus asked Jesus to just place His hand on his daughter??

Jairus had strong faith in Jesus as God!

Before we talk about Jesus, let’s note the people in Jairus’ home and the Disciples.

Jairus’ neighbors:

v35?? – they limited themselves to things of the earth not grasping the power of God; they only had a secular worldview! In their eyes, she was dead!

v38-40: Wailing and crying, then laughing at Jesus??

The wailing and crying were for show! They must have already heard about Jesus but yet they just laughed at him. The wailers were professionals; they did their best crying and wailing for attention to make money! I think this is what we can note: People can be so caught up in making money they will laugh at God!

Let’s make a few notes about the Disciples:

We read in Matthew 9:18-19… While he was saying this, a synagogue leader came and knelt before him and said, “My daughter has just died. But come and put your hand on her, and she will live.” Jesus got up and went with him, and so did his disciples.

- Committed to following Jesus

- v37,40: 3 of the 12 had a special calling but we hear no complaining

And finally, what can we note about Jesus Christ?

v24: responded positively to a humble plea

v36: is the key verse isn’t it? No matter what is happening in life, God’s instruction is to believe in Christ and not be afraid!

v37,40: may give special call to people (not only the 3 disciples but Jairus and his wife)

We can note that this is the first mention of the wife and Jesus blessed her to see the miracle! What a gracious God we have in Christ!

v41-42: we know that Jairus daughter was very sick, although may have been just in a coma, but in human eyes, she was dead; Could Jesus really bring people back from death? We can read in the Gospel of John raising Lazarus back from the dead! and so, Jesus had power to heal, even from death!

And in v43: we can note that Jesus always has the right instructions! Obviously, the girl who had been really really sick, as good as dead, was very very hungry when she got well! Now, could that miracle been kept truly a secret?? Why not??

And so why do you think, Jesus told Jairus and his wife and the 3 disciples not to announce what happened??

3 likely reasons:

a. Jesus challenged those He gave a special call their obedience! A special call from God also means a call to higher allegiance to Him!

b. What kind of attitude do you think Jairus and his wife, and even the 3 disciples, would have given the freedom to proclaim the miracle! Proclaiming a special miracle personally observed can lead to boasting!

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