Summary: The Definition and Description of Faith

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Faith - Lesson 1

(Matthew 9:29; Hebrews 11:1-6)

I. The DEFINITION of faith (11:1).

A. Now, Faith is...

1. "The SUBSTANCE..."

> Definition: "That which is solid and practical in character, quality, or importance."

> Substance has solid weight. It is a force that can be measured.

> Faith is not simply an emotion, or a feeling.

2. "The substance of things HOPED for..."

> Word "hope" in the Bible is not the same as how we have come to interpret it.

> When we says "hope", we mean, it may or may not be: "I sure hope he comes today..."

> But, the Bible word "hope" means something expected. This is our Hope (1 Thes. 5:6-11).

3. "The EVIDENCE of things..."

> Evidence means you can show proof.

> Real faith will be evident, because there will be visible, and physical signs of its presence.

> We see the evidence that the wind is blowing, even though we cannot see the wind.

4. (v. 3) "Through faith we understand..."

> As we yield to God in faith, we begin to understand the things of God.

> The carnal man cannot understand these things, they are foolishness to him.

> Carnal man has a hard time believing the Bible is the word of God.

> Carnal man has a hard time believing the Gospel. He has no problem accepting "All religions", but cannot and will not accept the one true religion.

> But, "Through faith we understand..."

B. Faith is the basis for things we cannot see.

1. Faith that is seen is not faith at all (Rom 8:24-25; 2 Cor 4:18).

> If it were easily seen and understood, we would not need faith.

2. Have you ever wondered why Jesus spoke in parables?

> The Pharisee’s asked Jesus to tell them plainly (John 10:24-27).

> Jesus spoke in parables on purpose (Matt. 13:1-16).

> Why? If God wants all to be saved, why didn’t He just tell them plainly?

> Because, God requires faith!

3. Why haven’t we found Noah’s ark?

> Why haven’t we found the Ark of the Covenant?

> Why haven’t we found any of these physical things?

> We have found MUCH manuscript evidence. God has preserved His word.

> When it comes down to it, all we have is His word on it.

> God wants there to be an element of faith!

II. The DECLARATION of faith (11:6).

A. We call Hebrews 11, God’s hall of faith!

1. The saints of Hebrews 11, because their faith pleased God.

> Faith is given not to perform miracles, but that we may please God.

> The Devil can work miracles, but he cannot please God.

2. This is why God spoke in parables.

> This is why God left no physical evidence.



B. "Must believe that He is..."

1. Faith believes that "God is" even when it looks like "He isn’t..."

> Sometimes is seems like God isn’t anywhere around, nor involved in our lives (Job 23:8-9; 10).

2. There are times when it looks as if God isn’t (Hab 1:1-4).

> The Chaldean’s threatening to annihaliate the people unless God intervened.

> God answered and told him He was doing something (Hab 1:5-6).

> In fact the marching of the Chaldean’s was what God was doing!

> You say, "God where are you while I am going through this trouble?"

> And, God answers, "I’m the one sending the trouble!"

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