Summary: Part 7 in a series on exploring "Faith". This message focuses on the response of the crowd after seeing a man healed by Peter through the power of the Holy Spirit. It explores the question, "Why, if going to church to worship God, would the religious of

Faith in Action, Part 2 (Part 7)

Acts 3:10-16

- In part 1 of this message we discussed several important key items

-- 1. Peter and John were going to worship because they desired to

-- 2. Peter saw an opportunity to practice what he had learned from Jesus

-- 3. Peter had a desire to share Jesus with others, at any chance he could

- Because of these three important aspects, we see something very unique

- APP: When Jesus comes into your life, there is a desire to glorify Him

- This evening, we pick up “the rest of the story” with the “what happens next”

- Stand and read Acts 3:10-16

- Pray

Point 1 – Entering into Worship (10-11)

- The disciples are entering into the courts and they see this beggar (10)

- And what is their reaction? Wonder and Astonishment!

- Isn’t it amazing that when we enter into the courts of God, we lack expectation

- That is, we don’t expect God to do amazing things when we gather together

- However, even Jesus teaches us that we should EXPECT great things

-- Matthew 18:19-20, “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

- “We attempt great things FOR God … We expect great things FROM God!”

- So here we see “the church” gathering and they’ve forgotten about God’s stuff

- Remember, this is the Jewish church – but didn’t they have miracles?

-- Moses parted the Red Sea

-- Jonah was in the belly of a great fish

-- The Israelites were victorious again and again

- And still … there is no expectation of what God can do when He shows up

- TRANS: The world always reacts in the confused, and here we see it again

Point 2 – The Reaction of the “World” (12-13a)

- The world continues to be amazed at Jesus … BUT …

-- The things he taught are STILL learning opportunities

-- The things he says are to be revered and taken as promises

-- The things he delivers on are to be worshiped and glorified; b/c of who He is!

- The same God that they have joined together to worship glorified Jesus

- Paramount … they are in church, expecting to see God show up!

- So, why are they shocked to see God show up and do something in church?

- EX: Acts 12:1-16 … The church is praying for Peter to be released

-- And then when God shows up and releases Peter - Disciples are astonished!

-- What were they praying for? (Release) What did God do? (Released him)

-- And yet, their faith is challenged to be able to accept this?

- In our story this evening we see the very same thing.

- They are going to church, with the supposed religious folks

- God shows up, performs a miracle, and no one believes it’s happened

- TRANS: Why does the “religious order” seem to forget what God has said?

Point 3 – Remember Who He Is! (13b-16)

- When we look at our faith, are we willing to defend it in this same manner?

- Re-read verses 13b - 16

- Peter rebukes, quite strongly, the religious of the day and how they treated Jesus

- We must remember that these same people could have Peter killed (and did)

- And yet, there is no wavering in his testimony or in his delivery

- In 2011, we are not under persecution of being put to death for our testimony

-- The most we might ever get is others asking us to “tone it down”

- But here we see Peter just letting it all fly; for one purpose - to glorify Him!

- APP: Our faith must be put into action as we remember who He is

- When we consider all the opportunities we have, can we testify to who He is?

- Think about it – we may not have healed a leper, or raised the dead

- But most certainly we’ve seen God work in our own lives today

- Consider the prayers that you’ve seen answered; was God glorified?

- Consider the healings that we’ve seen from those who are sick

Further study v17-26 … we see the total picture of Peter’s conviction about Jesus


- Do we desire to see the same Jesus revealed in our lives?

- If we do, putting our faith in action really might be come down to v6

- Would we reach down and grab the cripple to heal him?

- Pray

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