Summary: Have Faith Partners

We will finish today our study of the Letter to Titus; let us remind ourselves of who wrote it, to whom, and the main reason for the letter. Open your Bibles to the beginning of Titus…

Titus 1:1…. the apostle Paul wrote the letter as led by God the Holy Spirit

Titus 1:4…. written to Titus, a Believer of Christ, discipled by Paul

Titus 1:5…. Titus was left in Crete to oversee the Church

The Apostle Paul, who was taught directly by Jesus Christ, trusted God and trusted Titus with the work needed to be done in Crete!

We have noted several times that the main lesson for the Christians in Crete, and for us all, is to always pursue godliness.

Let us now learn from the closing remarks of the Apostle Paul in this letter. Read along with me Titus 3:12-15……..

We note several things from v12:

a. let us note where Paul was; Paul was in Nicopolis; where was Nicopolis? Show map; After dropping off Titus at Crete, Paul went to Nicopolis, Greece.

b. Paul was discipling Artemas and Tychicus.

There is not much information about these 2 men except Paul trusted them enough to be the new overseers of the Cretan Church!

c. Paul desired the company of Titus.

We can note from other letters by Paul that Titus was an encourager, strong in the Christian faith (he refused to be circumcised to please the Jewish Christians), and a compassionate leader! Titus was a wonderful mature Christian brother to have around!

v13: We note a Christian lawyer who Paul trusted! We also note Apollos who was a scholar and a preacher. Titus was to help other ministry leaders!

v14: A reminder to do good so that there are provisions for daily necessities and be productive. Christians are to devote themselves to goodness which include “hard work”!

v15? Christians are to greet and bless one another!

I think we can some up this passage for us today with this statement:

We are all to minister for Christ wherever He calls us and we must have faith partners:

How do we do this?

1. Be discipled and disciple someone else.

2. Look for “mature” Christians to partner with.

3. Do godly good work at whatever job God has called us to!

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