Summary: A Dramatic Sermon on Hope, Faith, and Love

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1Corinthians 13:13

And now abide in Faith, Hope, Love, these three, but the greatest is Love.

Today we will be starting our talk on Faith, Love, and Hope. We shall begin with faith in the series. Faith is having a belief in something that you cannot see, hear, touch, smell, or taste most of the time, either by one of the senses or all of them.

To have faith is not simply believing but is this, the hope that shall come to pass. Knowing God is He who makes our faith possible. Is it a choice to loose faith? Some will say yes because it is a part of the gift of free will that He gave us. I don’t know for sure because in some aspects of my life I will admit that I have lost it then by a miracle it has returned. But why do I have Doubt?

It is a rat race that needs to happen for if we don’t we loose it. We shouldn’t because of all the witnesses God had given is us to look upon, but do we see? Well we should. Or we loose the sight of God. Have I lost His sight, am I like Saul and have lost my faith in my abilities through Him? I hope not.

Faith is such a critical part of your walk in Christianity but why is it so hard to keep something so important in your walk? It is one of the fist things Christians loose, including myself. Yes, even your pastor can have loss of faith at times.

With faith comes hope and love which is the formula God’s grace upon us. By having faith in God we do not accuse him of tempting us.

James 1:13 – Let no one say when he is tempted “I am tempted by God” for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone.

Hebrews 11:16 - …Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God…

So we should not be ashamed to call Him our God. With faith you can overcome anything that is put across your path.

Moses took a giant leap of faith when he turned from the pharoses family and endured that affliction over disobeying God. Moses was the glue that held His people together and that glue had a name. Its name was FAITH.











(This was the from the help of my loving wife)

Seek and you shall find all the indisputable truths here in the Word of God. That is your basis and foundation in your life. The faith that something is coming along, as He says, “It shall come to pass”

By faith we believe that God created the world. How can something or someone that we don’t see have created something so wonderful and beautiful?

For one you have faith that he did It. But where is the Proof? Well, look around yourself, how does the bird fly? By wind. Who created the wind? God created the wind. So, there is your proof that you needed, look around. Faith + Truth + Love + Obedience = Grace

With that let us pray to our God in faith that He shall make it Come to Pass.


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