Summary: exposition on Matt ch 15


Here we have the :-

Matthew 15 v. 21 - 28 - Syro-phoenican woman, v. 29 - 39 -and the feeding of the multitudes. see the woman’s problem here:-


1. Her dilemna v. 22 "my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil"

(a) Here was a problem (fairly common) her daughter was demon possessed

(b) Here was pain - she was grievously vexed - both mother and daughter

(c) Here was a power - it was spiritual, supernatural, suppressive, and satanic

(d) Here was a plan i.e. bring it to Jesus

2.Her desire v. 22 "have nercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David." Here was :-

(a) A simple cry - to catch the Lord’s attention

(b) A sincere cry - it was from the heart

(c) A sinner’s cry - "have mercy on me," like the publican she was aware of who God is, and who she is

3. Her difficulties v. 23 "but he answered her not a word" see the :-

(a) The silence of the Saviour - her test - do you really know who I am?

(b) The selfishness of the disciples v. 23 "send her away, for she crieth after us"

(c) The sinfulness of her past v. 24 "the lost sheep of the house of Israel" -

Paul says Ephesians 2 v. 12, she was without hope, without promise, and without God in the world

(d) The sacredness of her quest v. 26 bread i.e. salvation, healing, and deliverance were the family rights, the legal rights, the promised rights, the human rights, the divine rights and the redemptive rights of God’s children.

4. Her dedication - she overcame

(a)The master’s silence by continuing to cry v. 23

(b) The disciples selfishness by continuing to follow v. 23

(c) Her own sinfulness by continuing to pray v. 25 "Lord help me" - it was short, humble, fervent, desperate, rational, respectful, worshipful, persevering, determined, and full of faith

(d) Her unworthiness by continuing to take the sinners place v. 27 "the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table. "

5. Her delight

in that

(a) Her faith was commended by the master v. 28, it was great faith because it was repentant faith, properly directed faith, reverent faith, persistent faith, and humble faith

(b) Her request was granted v. 28 "even as thou wilt"

(c) Her daughter was healed v. 28 "from that very hour,"

and The feeding of the multitudes v. 29 - 39

Their following v. 30 "great multitudes came unto him," - they saw the reality there

Their faith v. 30 with them were the lame, the blind, the dumb, and the maimed as well as others

Their favour v. 30 - and He healed them

Their fear v. 31 they wondered and glorified the God of Israel

Their feeding v. 32 - 39

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