Summary: What must I do through hardships?

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Faith that Grows through Hardships

Job 2:1-13

PROPOSITION: Because Christ glorified His Father through suffering, you must glorify Christ by growing spiritually through suffering.

I. Beware of the persistence of the Evil One. v. 1-6

A. Satan’s persistence in attacking Job’s faith (1-3).

1. Satan reappears before God as a subordinate (1-2).

2. God holds up Job as a trophy of His grace (3).

B. Satan’s proposition that Job barters with God (4-6).

1. Satan’s proposition: All that a man has he will give for his life (4-5).

2. God’s permission: “he is in thine hand” (6).

II. Practice integrity in personal suffering. v. 7-10

A. Satan proceeds to strike Job with a disease (7-8).

1. Job suffered alone as a cast off.

2. Christ suffered alone as a cast off.

B. His wife proceeds to give evil counsel (9-10).

1. Hellish counsel…curse God and die.

2. Honorable response … Job did not sin with his lips.

3. Consider what the Bible has to say about suffering:

III. Be thankful for caring friends. v. 11-13

A. There is great value in godly friends (11-12).

1. They came to show sympathy and comfort.

2. They were overwhelmed with his condition.

B. There are limitations to our friendships (13).

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