Summary: What must I do through hardships?

Faith that Grows through Hardships

Job 2:1-13

PROPOSITION: Because Christ glorified His Father through suffering, you must glorify Christ by growing spiritually through suffering.

I. Beware of the persistence of the Evil One. v. 1-6

A. Satan’s persistence in attacking Job’s faith (1-3).

1. Satan reappears before God as a subordinate (1-2).

2. God holds up Job as a trophy of His grace (3).

B. Satan’s proposition that Job barters with God (4-6).

1. Satan’s proposition: All that a man has he will give for his life (4-5).

2. God’s permission: “he is in thine hand” (6).

II. Practice integrity in personal suffering. v. 7-10

A. Satan proceeds to strike Job with a disease (7-8).

1. Job suffered alone as a cast off.

2. Christ suffered alone as a cast off.

B. His wife proceeds to give evil counsel (9-10).

1. Hellish counsel…curse God and die.

2. Honorable response … Job did not sin with his lips.

3. Consider what the Bible has to say about suffering:

III. Be thankful for caring friends. v. 11-13

A. There is great value in godly friends (11-12).

1. They came to show sympathy and comfort.

2. They were overwhelmed with his condition.

B. There are limitations to our friendships (13).

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John W. Rowe

commented on May 23, 2020

Its agreat sermon its tell of Job hardship and how he over came by looking toward the hills which all his help come from

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