Summary: Do you have the faith to press on through the crowd, to come into the presence of Jesus, and be changed forever?

Faith that Presses On

Matt 9:20-22

As always, in order for us to get the whole account of what is going on in an event in the life of Christ, it is often necessary for us to travel to the other gospels for help. You can find this story in the gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Jesus was returning from the other side of Galilee, only to find himself greeted by a multitude of people. You see they had already heard of the ministry of Christ, and they wanted to see for themselves if what they had heard was true. (Have you ever noticed in life, that wherever Jesus is working, there are multitudes of people?) They wanted, if possible to apart of this ministry. Just then off in the distance, we notice a man making his way through the crowd. There is something different about this man though. He is not cheering as the others; no it appears that this man is weeping. Then it happened, he finally made his way were he could see Jesus, and he ran a fell at the masters feet. (Have you ever noticed how certain situations in life will bring you to the point where your only hope is to fall down at the feet of the Savior?) He began to weep uncontrollably. As Jesus looked down, He noticed that this was Jarius, a ruler in the synagogue, the janitor. Jarius pleaded with Christ to come with him and to lay his hand upon his 12-year-old little girl, for he believed that if Jesus would just touch her, she would live. Jesus told Jarius that he would come, and they left immediately on the journey to his house. When we say they left, understand that this included not only Jarius and Jesus but the disciples and the multitude as well.

As they were making there way, and as they people pressed against Jesus trying to get closer, trying to hear what the master would say, there was a woman afar off in the distance. Just then, she began to move through the crowd. She was very small, and frail. Her countenance was weak, but what else would you expect. This woman has had an issue of blood for 12 years. She had seen all the doctors. She had been to all the treatment centers. As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us that she had spent all her living trying to find a cure for this disease. She had nowhere else to go, so she came to Jesus! This woman had determined if she could just reach out and touch the hem of his garment, she would be healed. Then it happened. She saw her hand reach out; her fingers gripped the fabric, (I wonder for a moment what it was like to touch the fabric of the robe of Christ). Then it happened, immediately she felt the fountain of blood within side her dry up…she was healed!

Jesus stopped where He was and turned around and began to question the crowd whom it was who had touched Him, because He sensed that virtue (power) had left His body. One by one the men began to deny. Peter, (wouldn’t you know it was Peter) stepped up and asked how Jesus could ask such a question, could he not tell that the crowd was pressed up against him since the time they left the boat. The woman spoke up though, and she told Jesus all that she had been through and of her faith in His healing touch, and Jesus said to her. “Daughter (don’t you like the fact that He called her daughter? You know that is the way He speaks to you and I today, we are His children) be of comfort, thy faith hath made you whole”

There are a few things that I believe we can learn from this account today:

I. We all have needs

Jarius and the woman both had needs just like you and I find ourselves in need this morning. The one had a need to see Jesus work in the life of another, and the woman had a need that Jesus would work in her own life. The importance is though, that they realized their need and they acted upon it. Unfortunately in our day and time, so many people are busy running from here or there, their needs are overlooked and they often go unmet. We have people today who are struggling financially, spiritually, and physically. We see people who are in need of a Savior and in need of forgiveness, but unless someone in praying for them. Unless someone is telling his or her needs to the Father, it is very well that this person or perhaps even your own need will go unmet this morning. And in turn we will not be able to experience the life that Christ has for each one of us until we come unto the Savior.

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