Summary: In the life of Joseph we find that he demonstrated a faith that sees the future.

Faith That Sees

Hebrews 11:22

The Acts of Faith:

• Vs.4 Abel faith speaketh yet being dead

• Enoch possessed a faith that cause him to stride with God

• Vs.7 Noah by faith served God

• Abraham teaches us that faith is willing to surrender to God

• Vs.20 shows us that true faith recognizes the sovereignty of God

• Jacob tells us that faith does not trust in self

See: Vs.22 He made mention the departing of the children of Israel; and gave commandment concerning his bones.

See: Genesis 50:22-26 Joseph who is now 110 years old in the presence of his brethren says God will surely visit you, and ye shall carry my bones from hence

“A Faith That Sees”

Mention: 2 Cor. 5:7 for we walk by faith and not by sight

There are several things I want us see concerning the faith of Joseph tonight.

1. His Faith Sees The Promises Of God

See: Genesis 37:1-7, 8-11 Here Joseph at 17 years old has a God given dream

We know how later he is taken by the Ishmeelites into Egypt and is sold into slavery. There he lied on by Potiphar’s wife and is cast into prison.

See: Genesis 41:39-40 Joseph is elevated to 2nd in charge over all Egypt

Then: Genesis 42:6 His brethren bow before him.

Later Jacob would with his entire family come and bow before Joseph

Mention: Genesis 37:1-11 This is the order in which he received the dreams that showed him first his brethren would pay obeisance to him then all together.

See: Genesis 15:13-14 The word God gave to Abraham

Point: Faith is based upon the Word of God

What faith is not!

• Faith is not positive thinking

• Faith is not hoping for the best

• Faith is not wishing upon a star etc..,

Faith is relying on the unbreakable promises of God!

Mention: Genesis 50:24 Which He sware unto Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob

2. Faith Sees The Power Of God

Mention: Genesis 50:24 God will surely visit you and bring you out…

Important Fact: At the time Joseph makes this statement his brethren are comfortable with their present condition. They are not under the persecution we know they will face later.

Listen if my thought is correct Joseph has been in Egypt for 93 years and is realizing his death imminent.

After so long waiting what is he thinking?


• Delay did not change Joseph’s faith

• Time does not eliminate the promises

Mention: Habakkuk 2:2-3 Yet the vision is for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and lie not, though it tarry, wait for it; because it shall surely come, it will tarry not.

3. Faith That Sees Experiences The Peace Of God

Mention: Genesis 45:5, 7; 50:20 Joseph sees what God has been doing

Mention: Genesis 50:24 He is dying but not stressing. He has his grand children on his knees here.

He simply says to them surely God will visit you “Carry up my bones from hence”

Point: His peace is in the promises and the power of God

See: Exodus 13:18-19 Moses with those 400 years old bones

Then: Joshua 24:31-32 Now Joshua finishes the journey with Joseph bones

In Closing: why a faith lesson on the bones of Joseph

• Faith sees a resurrection

• Faith sees the streets of gold

• Faith sees eternity pass

Mention: 1 Cor. 15:54-58

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