Summary: Satan knows his days are numbered and he is doing all he can to destroy our faith.

Faith Worth Living For

Jude 1:3

Jude is the only book in the Bible that is one chapter. However, what great treasurers are found in this book. Throughout the ages many believers have given their lives for their faith. Any faith worth dieing for is worth living for.

It is evident that in our world today that faith is being attacked as never before. It is a sure sign that Satan knows his days are numbered and he is doing all he can to destroy our faith. Wolves in sheep’s cloth have crept into the fold. They have distorted the Word of God. They have twisted to suit it for their own purpose. Thank God for the book of Jude. Let us examine our responsibility in defending our common salvation.

I. Defending the “Common” Salvation.

A. Why the word “common” is used.

1. This is an unusual description of salvation. When we think

of what it cost the Lord we might conclude that salvation

is everything but “common.”

2. Salvation was common because it was shared by every

early Christian. The motivations was to share with sinners

that which believers enjoyed.

3. Jude speaks of the foundation of salvation which was under

attack by false teachers. vrs.4

II. The “Common” salvation is a product of the Holy Spirit.

A. The work of the Holy Spirit in our salvation.

1. Men of old faithfully delivered the full revelation of

inspired Scripture.

2. This salvation is rooted and grounded in faith.

3. We are to live out our faith in our daily lives.

III. The “Common” salvation is a manifestation of faith.

A. Faith is worth contending for.

1. It is worth everything to possess.

2. It is a living faith and not a dead faith.

3. It is a faith that is holy.

IV. The Faith we are to contend for.

A. Here is a list of what we are to contend for:

1. God is the Father of all true believers. vrs.1

2. Salvation is a product of God’s grace. vrs.4

3. Jesus Christ is Lord. vrs.4

4. Jesus is the center of salvation. vrs.1

5. Eternal punishment await sinful men. vrs. 4

6. The personal of the Holy Spirit is real. vrs. 19

7. Judgment awaits all mankind. vrs.6.7 & 13

8. We are to live by faith. vrs.11

9. We are proclaim the coming of the Lord. vrs.14

10. All Scripture is inspired. vrs.17

V. The “Common” salvation is to be contended for.

A. It is urgent.

1. The word contend in the Greek is epagonizomai which

means “to struggle for.”

2. We must take action.

3. There is no room for slackers.

4. We are to vocalize our faith.

5. A good defense is also a good offence.

* Faith is a reality.

Faith never fails.

Faith is cancelled by fear.

Faith is centered in God’s Word.

Faith will overcome all obstacles.

Faith will keep you from falling.

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