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Summary: It is easy to be faithful with little hoping to "graduate" to the big but God’s desire is that we would be faithful with little for the sake of the little, trusting and growing closer to Him with correct motives.

Faithful with little

Lk.16:10 - Faithful with little.

Ministry relevance - 1 Cor. 4:2 (minister must be found faithful) and 1 Tim.1:12 (We’ve been found faithful so He has put us in ministry), Pr.11:3 (Erin will read).

Remember FAITH: God used it on us 1st (James 3:1, 1Tim. 3:6).

Being faithful with little has 2 parts - 1 the faithful part and 2 the little part.

The Big Idea: Be faithful with little FOR THE SAKE OF THE LITTLE.

What little areas do we need to be faithful with?

Faith = Doing my part expecting God to do His.

Hebrew - faithfulness.

2 Tim.4:5 - Discharge the duties of your ministry, do the work of an evangelist.

Intimacy requires trust, which is built incrementally through a series of small steps (ex. Dating).

Faith must be grown.

Rom.12:3, 2 Cor.10:15, James 2:22, James 1:22, James 1:3-4 (testing - perseverance, maturity and completeness).

Faithful with little = one step of faith at a time (2 Cor.5:7).

Faithful with little for the sake of the little means that the little is not a stepping stone to the big.

Where are you at in life and ministry?

1 Cor.7:17 - remain there, 1 Cor.10:31, Col.3:23 working steadfastly as unto the Lord, not men (including myself).

1 Sam.16:14-23 - Erin - v.13 anointed, I don’t need to open my own doors.

Rev.3:8 - He’s placed an open door before us, with a little power BECAUSE...

ASK: What is the little we’re called to be faithful with?

Fellowship with Him (prayer and Word), Wife and fam, fellowship (action oriented) with other believers, GC (Mt.28:18-20 - third greatest command...), specifically evangelism (2 Tim.4:5), prayer (Jer.10:21, 12:10-11 - When leaders are “senseless” and don’t inquire of the Lord, the fail and their flocks are scattered, and because they don’t care, they trample down God’s work, making it a desolate and parched wasteland) and the Word (Acts 6:4), serving others (Mt.20:25-28, least...), integrity, honesty, humility, support...

ASK: What does faithfulness with little for the sake of the little practically look like in ministry?

ASK: What are the results of faithfulness with little for the sake of the little in life and ministry?

I learn what God wants me to (I don’t miss it), I become who He wants me to be, Expectations don’t deceive me, my confidence in Him is built, trust in Christ and the corresponding intimacy are developed, joy, passion (Rom.12:11), hope and perseverance in ministry (1 Thes.1:3), capable of more later (Wineskins - Mt.9:17, Mk.2:22, Lk.5:37-38)

Mt.25:14-30 - Parable of the talents.

Examples of being faithful with little for the sake of the little:

Biblical examples: Jesus (Lk.2:52)

Ministry examples: Henrietta Mears..., others.

ASK: What are your examples?

Personal and MPM examples: Pastors’ prayer, Crush Fear, the new lodge

A bad example: Numbers 20:7-12

Moses had only very little to be faithful with here (speak to the rock): Instead of being faithful with little he tried to force God’s hand, he tried to reproduce past results (Ex.17:1-7), he did things his way, he was reactive not proactive, he operated out of pride and anger not in a godly way,

The results of his sin were terrible.

When I fail to be faithful with little for the sake of the little, getting ahead of God, I am not made faithful with more and there are other consequences (ex. discipline Heb.12:7-11), but...

2 Tim.2:13 - God still remains faithful to me, developing me and using me.

Good examples:

Mt.3:11, Mk.1:7, Lk.3:16, Jn.1:27 and Acts 13:25 John the Baptist’s example.

Acts 5:41 -The disciples’ heart - overjoyed at being found worthy of persecution.

Practically: Faithful with little FOR THE SAKE OF THE LITTLE!

No ministry is too small or below me.

Just being Co-Laborers with Him is our purpose and joy (1Cor.3:9).

In life, relationships, prayer, ministry, support, etc.

The goal is that no matter what doors God opens, the little will continue being my context and focus!

Ministry success is not measured by results but by faithfulness.

It would be wrong of God to allow me to do the ministry for the ministry or for the results.

Example: Our first year on staff.

Note: Ministry is defined by the little things we schedule.

What “little” areas should define us as a ministry?

ASK: Why “for the little?”

The little is where everything important is formed, developed, realized and achieved - personally and in ministry.

True trust, authentic motives (faithful with little for the sake of little is about my motivation for faithfulness), correct ministry expectations and perspective, perseverance, joy, etc.

I want intimacy with God and His blessing in my life and ministry - remember why He blesses and acts...

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