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Summary: Speaking on grace has seemed one sided…when you speak of unconditional forgiveness, limitless love, & boundless acceptance. It’s just screaming to be abused and misused... here are three loop-holes:

Speaking on grace has seemed one sided…when you speak of unconditioned forgiveness and limitless love and boundless acceptance…

* The scent of sandal arises when you tell sinners that; “No matter what, God loves you and can forgive you.” or that “No amount of effort and works impresses God any more then none.” Or “No sin is unforgivable – God’s grace is always greater.”

* It’s just screaming to be abused and misused. Loopholes

o Grace was given – “a gift to empty hands” (CS Lewis)…to be received – but here are three alternatives.

1. Persist works / legalism – (Gal. 5:4) “fall” –to run aground / to avoid

* Falling from grace is NOT losing your salvation, but rather NEVER having it!

* We can know about grace – but continue without it – living acc. to our efforts / works

* We avoid grace by allowing legalism to reign (v3) – we become indebted (leads to guilt)

* We jump ship (grace) and try to swim across (self-righteousness)

2. Resist Fear / Inactivity – (Gal. 2:21) “frustrate” – to reject / to nullify

* The growing number of Calvinists (tulip): “Irresistible grace” – Not true!

* We can make the death/ blood of Christ empty / void! (Acts 7:51) They did!

* How? Verse 20 – Not living by faith, by the spirit…by sight and by flesh.

* We get so concerned about making a misstep – we don’t step out – we choose not to obey and be used because of fear…that’s what God’s grace is for – to make up the difference / to close the gap!

3. Twist Sin / Unrepentant – (Jude 4) “turn” – to prevent / to stretch / to change

* We can presume / assume upon grace…[Catholic convict, knew the priest would forgive him for murder, so he went ahead with the plan, presuming forgiveness]

* Some have even used grace as an excuse to do evil

* This is not a license to sin (Romans 6:1-2) [Christian men – divorce…]

Will God forgive me? /Will you want to be forgiven?

* [Climbing wall, spotter with rope – kicking off from the wall is abusing the spotter’s purpose – He’s not there for fun, but for safety]

* “If you love God; you may do as you incline.” – Augustine

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