Summary: Many people are trusting in a false security

Romans 2:17-29

"False Security"

Intro: Song - "Only Trust Him"

I. The False Security of Heritage. (17)

Ill. - Christian Osmosis?

A. Racial Heritage.

*John 8:33 - "We be Abraham’s seed..."

*Matt. 8:11 & 12, Roman Centurion’s faith and he was gentile.

Ill. - What a wonderful priviledge to be an American and what a wonderful opportunity to know Christ with a Church on every corner. How sad it would be to go to Hell from America.

B. Religious Heritage.

Ill. - Being born in a bread box doesn’t make you a biscuit.

Ill. - "My family was Baptist, my grandpa was a baptist preacher and my Dad was a Baptist preacher."

response: "Then why have you lived with that blessing and are still a child of the devil?"

II. The False Security of knowledge. (19, 20)

A. Pharisee knew the Bible.

B. Saul knew the Law.

C. The demons knew Jesus.

D. Judas followed Jesus.

*Matt. 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord...

Ill. - Unworthy, unclean, undone, unknown. - Lost.

Unworthy, unclean, undone, under the Blood. - Saved.

III. The False Security of Ceremony. (25-29)

*Circumcision was to the O. T. what Baptism it to the N. T.

A. Salvation is inward not outward. (28)

B. Salvation is In the Spirit not in the letter. (29)

*It is a relationship!

C. Salvation is Acceptance by God not by men. (29)

Ill. - Church may accept you into the fellowship, but it doesn’t mean you are a Christian.

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