Summary: Relaying the truth that God never leaves us. More often in life we desert HIm.

The Falseness of Forsakenness

Have you ever been so low you thought all there was left for you in this world is death? The idea that there is no hope all is lost and all you can do is end the pain. Don’t think you are alone. Many people have been down the road of feeling forsaken. Today I want to shine the light of hope on your darkness of despair.

Jesus in Matthew 27.46, “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?” that is “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me.”

The same is recorded in Mark 15.34.

Jesus is echoing the words of Psalm 22, a psalm that is a cry for deliverance from suffering and hostility. But as Jesus is in agony he is also through quoting the first line of the 22 psalm he is declaring victory and hope through the living God. But it in no way does away with his suffering for our sins.

In the 22nd Psalm according the Word Biblical commentary says we can see one of the many meanings of the Crucifixion. God in Jesus Christ took part in the terror of mortality, in the presence of his enemies and also the absence of God. In every way Jesus experienced what we should have so that we can through Jesus find comfort in the face of seeming forsakenness and death. The psalmist at the end of Psalm 22 praises God for deliverance from death, the difference w/ us and Jesus is that we find deliverance through death, into eternal life through Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

Today let us look at Hebrews chapter 13 to get a NT grasp on the Falseness of Forsakeness based on God’s presence.

I. God’s powerful presence brings Blessed Assurance.

A) Echoing the words of Joshua 1.5, and Deut 31.6,8

1) Hope in the face of hopelessness.

a) 13.1 Character free from the Love of money.

1) Love of money root of all evil

2) Love of God root of peace happiness, wholeness,


3) God’s purpose for us is that we dwell in His presence.

a) God’s promised presence for all who trust in Him.

1) Moses, Joshua, Great Commission.

b) Love of money can be seen as betrayal of trust in God.

Heb 13.5 Some Christians of the time may have lost property and money.

c) God provides what we will eat, and drink, and sleep.

d) Security comes from Confidence in Christ.

Illustration: Many today put their trust in Home alarms, the Stock market, savings accounts, Life insurance, etc. . .

But True Security comes from Confidence in Christ to supply your every need.

e) God’s presence is the true definition of prosperity.

f) Serenity comes from God’s salvation.

1) loss of friends family, property, life, limb etc.

2) God promises to help you through.

God’s powerful presence should also breed Faith not Fear.

II. Faith Not Fear Heb 13.5-6

A) 1 Tim 1.7 “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, and love and discipline.”

1) Timidity, cowardice, fear,

2) Faith in God breeds boldness not fear.

B) Why should faith breed boldness and not fear.

1) Think about this.

-- When the devil and the world attack you and remind you of your past.

-- Open up you Bible to Revelation Chapter 20 and remind the Devil about his Future.

2) Jesus overcame the world and devil by his Death, Burial, Resurection.

We through faith can do the same.

C) Faith according to Corrie Ten Boom is “ like a radar that sees through the fog, the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see.”

1) When trials assail you it often seems like God has left you adrift on the waves of life, But just when you cannot go any further the ark of God’s love and grace rescues you and draws you closer to Him.

D) It is hard to walk in true faith. But if we can have faith that a light will come on when we flip a switch or water will flow when we turn a knob or our car will start when we turn the key, why then can’t we trust God to get us through the Valley’s of life.

Do not let the devil destroy you desire for God.

Instead let the Father build you faith as he delivers you in His time.

23 Psalm I will fear no evil for thou art with me.

We face many unforeseen occurrences in life, but the unseen God, who was revealed to us by his Son, will show us where we must go.

Prov 3.5-6

As your faith grows you will realize that Mans Mischief is no match for God’s might.

III. Man’s Mischief no match for God’s Might.

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