Summary: how do people see us and how do we see others?

Let’s continue to worship with the Gospel of Mark. The Gospel of Mark does not talk about Jesus’ birth or upbringing; we can read about that part of Jesus’ life in the other Gospels. In the very beginning of the Gospel of Mark, right after His water baptism as an adult, Jesus began His ministry by performing many miracles, teaching about the Kingdom of God, and calling people back to God through Him.

After years of being away, Jesus returns home. Open your Bibles to Mark 6 and let’s learn from Jesus and His old neighbors…… Read along with me Mark 6:1-6….

Let us summarize what happened.

v1: Jesus went to His hometown with His disciples.

v2a: It was a worship day and so Jesus taught God’s Word at church!

v2b: People were amazed at Jesus’ wisdom and the power He had to do miracles! But then,

v3: The people took offense at Jesus (they went against Him). Why??

There can be many reasons, but the main reason why they took offense is because they only looked at Jesus’ physicality but not at His spirituality! Can this happen to us as people look at us??

We must grasped and understand this, so that we will not get frustrated. How was your week in this area??

And, it can also happen the other way around; we can judge people and not see their spiritual blindness. I am guilty of this! We’ll touch base more about his in our application.

v4…. Why did Jesus say that??

a. He is a prophet from God!

b. God’s prophets are to be honored!

c. Because of familiarity, prophets will be questioned!

d. a note to the disciples (expect this problem to happen)!


Miracles comes with faith!

v6b: People’s lack of faith did not stop Jesus from ministering!

What biblical principles can we apply from this passage?

1. Teaching God’s Word is part of worship at church!

2. We must try and see people’s spirituality before making a judgment. Pray! Pray! Pray!

On the other hand.

3. As Christians we must not be surprised that we are misunderstood by non-believers!

What should we do, when people are not listening to what we are saying about God??

4. More faith = more miracles from God! How do we build our faith??

5. Follow Jesus’ example to continue teaching the Word even if people have a lack of faith! Proclaim the truth from God no matter what happens! You and I are called by our Lord Jesus Christ! Who else will proclaim the truth about God to those in our sphere of influence?

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