Summary: Making a family is not just about getting married, make love and have babies, etc...

I was already on holiday from college and yet working full-time. I had this week off from work (2nd Aug 2008 - 10th Aug 2008). rather than slacking at home, I decided to go to my friend's (Claire and Bryce) place in Somerset (3 - 4 hours on the bus from London). they have 2 kids - boys (Ethan and Cyrus). I spent there 3 nights.

Bryce was working and Claire was busy with the kids. but still somehow found time for a Movie (Batman - The Dark Knight) with Bryce, a walk by the sea shore with Claire and the kids. strolled down to the village a few times, went to the "CricketersFarmhouse" (so it was called) brought some homemade cheese - looking forward to eating it. I cooked dinner once. other than that, it was home with Ethan watching CBEEBIES!!

it wasn't 100% fun and it wasn't boring either. it had a bit of everything I should say. and in one way it was mostly educational.

Making a family is not just about getting married, make love and have babies, etc... there's so much responsibilities involved within that. this is obvious to those who are already parents and they can surely affirm what i've said, for my statement is true. to the ones that are looking forward to a family life, prepare yourself for a WONDERFUL adventure. this is not a scary chapter, it's just the most wonderful and exciting page to turn to.

Responsibility, finance, timing, Tiring, hectic, troublesome, routine, feeding, nappy changing, sleepless nights, happiness, baby laughs, baby buggie walks, ooh and there's so much more excitements. All these thing have to be considered. This is like counting the cost before starting to build. But if one looks at the clouds, he will never sow. So, know your limits, don't get to any extreme whereas you start counting costs all the time and stop enjoying your God-given life. Taking risks is part of life and at the same time, being wise is wise!!

Be wise with your time - it's precious, don't waste it. "time wasted is failure tasted". The wise timer gains a heart of wisdom. If you manage you time wisely, you will have plenty to give, to have and to spare!!

Be wise with your finance - it's ur sweat and blood. Y waste it or foolishly use it or unwisely spend it. Do u need it or are you wanting it?? Think and think again and think a 100 times more if you have to, before you spend. Don't be stingy! Give with a fully stretched arms. Just be wise to spend on what you need and save the rest for a "rainy day". You never start earning till you start saving. "a penny saved is a penny earned".

God is first!! Family is second! Friends and ministry is next to last.

You can't be selfish! Kids are helpless, you are EVERYTHING to them!! That makes me think of me and God. I am truely quite helpless, i need God. I can think i can do things myself, but i really can't. I need God!! Our kids need us!! Be there for them before it's too late.

Attention, Appreciation, Affirmation, Attitude, One-to-one, Openess. Take time to be with your partner. Don't ever be too tired to show / share love with each other. Be understanding to the other's situation. Don't misuse your help, be grateful and always do much more in return.

Life is a narrow path, you never know what's coming-up on the next turn, keep your eyes open!

There's so much more, but that's for another chapter...

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