Summary: a sermon preached on a Family Day celebration

Family is important to God

We had a familyfamily before

Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, Red Sea, 10 commandments, Jericho,

Daniel, three Hebrew children


everthing good except that man was alone

Bible speaks of families

Genesis, OT, Father in NT, Son, John 3:16, bride, groom, marraige supper

of the Lamb----family language

Fitting to praise Him for our earthly families

BUT, there is another family

Romans 8:14-17

Three Words

-----Receive(vs. 15)

Family word

-----Adoption(vs. 15)

family word--a child that is adopted is wanted and planned for

-----Abba, Father(vs.15)

describes intimate way we are to know the Father

This was a sermon I preached on our family day celebration. I spoke of the weight that the Bible gives to Families then I transitioned into the family of God that you come into by faith. We receive the gift of being in God’s family; we are adopted; and we can know God intimately so we cry Abba.

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