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Summary: 3 Homes that we all have need of. A Family Home, A Church Home and a Future Heavenly Home

Thursday, May 18, 2006

3 Homes

“The Family Home”

We as the people of God know and understand that God created Adam and Eve and established the home.

The home where a family would serve God and Worship God.

Ex 12: 7 – 14; 21-23, 29-30, 46

Family Home is the First Place The Blood Was Applied.

It was a covering for everyone in the house particularly the first-born.

Story is told of a little boy of the children of Israel concerning the blood that was applied and told of the death that would come that night if the blood was not applied, the little boy asked his daddy are you sure the blood is still there on the door post.

Christ is our Passover Lamb. The promise was when I see the blood the death angel will pass over and not come to your home.

Could I be as bold today and ask Dad is the blood applied?

I know that everyone must come to Christ and be Born Again, but Dad it starts in the Home.

The night that the death angel passed over the security was in the Home with the blood applied.

Do you have the security of God that when death comes or the trumpet sounds you are secure with the Lord?

Dads plead the blood over your family in the beginning and teach them the love of Christ.

The father was the head of the home, the spiritual head.

The father acted upon what Moses said

The father said we would not kill the Lamb to just look at it.

The father did not say watch me cook the lamb, but we must eat the Lamb.

The blood being applied was the first part of the instructions, eat the Lamb roasted with fire, don’t break any bones.

Don’t eat with the mind set of going to bed and sleeping, but eat with leaving on your mind.

(children we are not staying here, don’t get to attached to things here)

The Family Home

It was a Home of Dedication

Parents were dedicated to one another.

We live in a world where dedication to one another seems to be short lived.

Parents were dedicated to there children.

Teaching them the importance of the blood and the Lamb.

It is not Sunday School that should teach your children, Sunday School should reinforce the teaching.

Children were in obedience to the parents.

Don’t run out the door.

You must eat of the Lamb.

Children are a reflection of what they see at home.

Many families have a cruse to break because they are not taught the things of God from there parents and because of it generational curses have come upon that family.

But let me point you to the one that has broken the curse and will set the captive free.

The Family Home

House Hold Leading from the Lord

Because the Blood was applied and the Lamb was eaten Pharaoh released the Children of Israel and God lead them.

When the Lord is first priority of the Home His leadership will be sure.

When it seems the enemy is getting close to destroying us God will make a way where there seems not to be a way.

He will part our Red Seas and bring a cloud of protection that leads to the promise land. For the family that places God in first place will not be forsaken and there seed will not be begging for bread.

The Family Home

When salvation comes into a new home.

Things change. Some changes are quick some more gradual.

Paul and Silas in jail, God sends an earthquake and the jailer is about to kill himself because all the prisoner’s are free, but Paul speaks out we are all here do yourself no harm.

Many times right before salvation comes in the home, someone or something starts to do something that will bring great harm on themselves and there family.

But if that person will recognize the hand of God, there is no need for harm for there is a Passover Lamb that you can take hold of.

The jailer gives his life to the Lord; he asked what must I do to be saved? Believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, and your house.

Children will follow a Godly father and mother.

The Family Home,

Dad is your home a Godly home?

Mom is your home a Godly home?

Children, is the blood applied?

There might be families that need to come and pray.

I’m speaking just about salvation, but pray for leadership of the HS in your home.

I’m speaking about a family with a wayward son or daughter.

The Family Home where the blood is applied, divine security, divine leadership.

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