Summary: Sin is a fatal infection, but Praise God, there is treatment available.

Title: Fatal Infection

Text: Romans 5:12-21


1. A woman took her husband to the doctor’s office.

After his checkup, the doctor said, "Your husband is suffering from a very serious infection."

The husband, who was hard of hearing said, "What did he say?"

His wife said, "He says your sick".

The doctor went on. "But there is hope.

You just need to reduce his stress.

Each morning, give him a healthy breakfast.

Be pleasant, nice, and kind.

For lunch and dinner make him his favorite meal.

Don’t discuss your problems with him,

it will only make his stress worse.

Don’t yell at him or argue with him.

And most importantly...just cater to your husband’s every whim.

If you can do this for your husband for the next 6 months to a year,

I think your husband will have a complete recovery."

The husband said, "What did he say?"

His wife said, "He says, You’re going to die".

Well, I guess some infections are worse than others!!

2. I remember learning about Adam and Eve from my earliest days in Sunday.

One thing that always bothered me was that they blew it for the rest of us.

I remember thinking that if only they hadn’t sinned...

we wouldn’t have to worry about mosquitoes

or wasps

or other insects that make such a nuisance of themselves.

I suppose if I had lived in Florida as a child,

I would have dreamed of a world without Love Bugs

or Fire Ants

Of course, as a young child, I was unable to appreciate the biggest result...

every since our first parents...Adam & Eve...sinned,

when they chose to do what THEY wanted...

instead of what GOD wanted...

when they disobeyed God.

it has resulted in Sin being passed down to all their future children.

We have received an inheritance from our first parents...and its not a bunch of money.

It is Sin

I was born in sin.

And so were you.

And Now, because of Adam and Eve,

instead of desiring to serve God...

we are born and grow...

desiring to do what WE want (just like Adam & Eve)

and left unchecked...

This is an infection that is fatal.

Read Text: Romans 5:12-21

When you go to the Doctor and he tells you your diagnosis, you are certain to have many questions for him...

Is it serious?

what is the treatment?

If the diagnosis was very serious, you might has, "Doctor, how much longer can I expect to live?"

And now that I have told you that you have a fatal infection...

you might have some questions for Doctor.

We will look to the Great Physician to answer our questions this morning.


1. Who is infected?

We are all infected with the disease called Sin.

we get this infection simply by being born.

I don’t know if Scientists will ever find a gene in our genetic make up that is the "Sin" gene;

but just like your hair color and eye color are inherited...

you also inherit Sin.

And this Sin (singular big S) is what causes us to commit sins (small s)

I tell my membership class that Sin (big S) is that Sin we are born with...

because of what Adam and Eve did

sins (plural small s) are the sins we commit.

because of what we do.

And the bad news is that you can do absolutely nothing to help yourself.

You can’t take peniccilin or Zithromax to get rid of this infection.

You can’t try to live a holy life on your own.

You can’t go to a surgeon and have him cut out the infection.

Our Text says, "Consequently, ...the result of one trespass was condemnation for all men Romans 5:18

2. If God is omniscient, and He knows all things.

He would know about the fall of Satan

He would know that Adam and Eve would fall into sin.

and as a result...all mankind that follows will be born with this infection.

If God really knows all this...why would He create Adam and Eve to begin with?

Let me answer this question with another question.

Those of you who have children...

When you had children...

did you think that they would be perfect?

Or did you realize that there would be times that they would disappoint you?

Did you realize that your children (from time to time)

would bring tears into your life?

Did you realize that they would bring you pain?

Did you realize that they would hurt you?

That they would disobey you?

If you realize all these things...why in the world would you have children?

My guess would hope that the good times would outweigh the bad....

You would hope that the joy would be greater than the pain...

The obedience would be greater than the disobedience.

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