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Summary: Abraham’s deep attachment to BOTH Ishmael and Isaac is often overlooked. Abraham was a gutsy dad who stood up to his wife and took responsibilities for his sons; he was anything but passive. In what ways is a godly father bold? Father Abraham’s life de

Father Abraham the Bold


1. Fathers are different from mothers just as men are different from women:

2. Brian Bill comments, "I read something this week entitled 50 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be a Man. I won’t read all of them but I did put together my own top-10 list":

10 You know stuff about tanks.

9 You can go to the bathroom without a support group.

8 If someoneforgets to invite you to something he can still be your friend.

7 You can drop by to see a friend without bringing a little gift.

6 If another guy shows up at the same party in the same outfit, you might become lifelong buddies.

5 One wallet, one pair of shoes, one color, all seasons.

4 There is always a game on somewhere.

3 Your pals can be trusted never to trap you with, “So…notice anything different?”

2 If something mechanical doesn’t work, you can bash it with a hammer and throw it across the room.

1 You can do your nails with a pocketknife.

3. But what does it mean to be a godly father? One characteristic of being a good dad, IMO, is being bold when necessary. [Source: Brian Bill from Sermon Central]

4. Abraham demonstrates boldness. In some ways, we men can relate well to Abraham, because Abraham sometimes failed, as some of us may have. He gave in to the culture and fathered a baby by Hagar. He lied about Sarah being only his sister and not his wife.

But he is remembered more so for his great triumphs of faith. He was imperfect, but he walked with God and actually did things to honor God.

Main idea: In what ways is a godly father bold? Father Abraham’s life demonstrates some areas in which dads need to be bold.

I. A Godly Father Boldly LAYS HOLD of God

A. He had REAL faith (trust) in God

B. He KNEW God personally

C. He HAGGLED with God

D. God and He ENJOYED one another as friends

James 2:23, "…and the Scripture was fulfilled that says, ’Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness’—and he was called a friend of God."

Isaiah 41:8, "But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, the offspring of Abraham, my friend…"

God has sent the HS into your heart to help you lay hold of God and relate to him.

Romans 8:15, " For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, ’Abba! Father!’"


• Is God your friend?

• Are you His?

• Do you hang out together, talk to one another, enjoy each others’ company?

• Do you see Him working in your daily life?

• When we walk with God & put Him first, the Christian life becomes natural.

Your walk with your heavenly Father is the basis for being a godly earthly Father.

Father Abraham’s life demonstrates some areas in which dads need to be bold.

II. A Godly Father Boldly INTERACTS with His Children (Genesis 17, 21)


1. fathered him in impatience and unbelief and weakness (listened to wife)

2. took responsibility for and loved him

3. laughed at absurdity of fathering a child at 100, but his laughter turned to worry

4. prayed with all his heart for Ishmael (17:18, 20) answer: 20-21

5. sought to lead Ishmael in the godly way (17:23)

6. stood up to fickle Sarah on his behalf (21:8-11)

7. obeys God by releasing Ishmael and Hagar (21:12-14)

8. some of you have children from previous marriages or relationships


1. Rejoiced in his son (21:1-3)

2. Obeyed God regarding his son (21:4)

3. Celebrated with his son (21:8)

C. PHYSICAL provision is not enough

Application: Bold dads may meet others half-way, but they are not passive nor do they evade responsibility.

Father Abraham’s life demonstrates some areas in which dads need to be bold.

III. A Godly Father Boldly Helps His MATURE Children (Genesis 24)

A. He wanted his son to marry a DECENT woman

B. He left his son a CAREER and got him off to a good start

C. Abraham continued to live a bold life and REMARRIED after Sarah died

Application: When our children are grown, we must release them. But that does not mean we will not be needed. We give up all control, but we still cultivate our relationship, but as adults relating to adults.

Father Abraham’s life demonstrates some areas in which dads need to be bold.


1. The phases of life and fatherhood change.

2. But, whatever our gender or lot, our foundation is to be Jesus Christ. Is yours?

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