Summary: Taking a frank look at the reality of fear and the crippling effect. A workable recipe that if applied will bring success.

Scripture: 1 John 4:1 – ‘18’ – 21

Title: “Fear Factor”

Introduction: “Reality Shows” have become an overwhelming success, mainly because so many people can identify with the theme of the programs!

• The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is FEAR!

• It appears that everybody is afraid of something.

• Some are afraid of many things.

• What is ‘it’ that you are afraid of?

• Fear is one of the most powerful emotions contained in the human being!

• Satan has very successfully learned how to manipulate fear to the detriment of the Work of God!

Acronyms for the word, “F. E. A. R.”

• FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real

• FEAR is: False Emotions Appearing Real

• FEAR is: False Expectations Altering Reality

• FEAR: Foolishly Erases ‘All’ Reasoning

MAIN POINT – “The Fear Factor” (The Origination of Fear)

1. Fear was birthed the very moment Eve disobeyed the commandment of God to not eat of the fruit of the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ of “Good & Evil.” Gen. 3

2. As soon as FEAR reared its “Ugly” head it drove mankind ‘from’ the presence of God. (Separation from Fellowship with God / Fellowship with God is ONE of the most precious advantages mankind has at his disposal!)

3. Fear brought ‘embarrassment’ upon God’s Crowning Achievement, “Adam & Eve!”

4. Fear created in the heart of man the need to “cover – up” the ugliness of sin!

5. Fear placed a QUESTION in the mind of man when it comes to TRUSTING God.

6. Fear kept the children of Israel in the wilderness for FORTY YEARS preventing them from entering the Promised Land / Until the ‘fearful ones’ died off!

7. Fear will always want to “Play it Safe!” (Failing to step out in Faith in God’s Word!)

8. Fear ‘blurs’ the vision and prevents us from seeing God’s promises. / Just as Peter took his eyes off Jesus in the storm! (Mt. 14) / FEAR had rather look ‘at’ the problem than to focus on the “Problem Solver!”

9. Fear calluses the heart and dulls the sensitivity of feeling the touch of God’s hand on us. Eph. 4:19 (Past Feeling!”)

MAIN POINT – “Identifying The Culprit”

1. Fear travels through life disguised with many deceptive faces!

2. Satan is always behind the “Mask!”

3. In reality Fear is the warden that imprisons unsuspecting prisoners in cells which can be easily opened.

4. There’s a story of the great magician ‘Houdini’ who placed inside a cell that was never locked, but he thought it was locked. (It was only locked in his mind!) / Fear will keep you in jail needlessly!

5. “The Black Bart Story” / He, a professional thief, stirred FEAR & terror in the hearts of people for 13 yrs. / He robbed the Wells Fargo Stage Line & spooked even the most rugged of people. / He stole the bags from 29 different stagecoach crews & did it without firing a shot! + His WEAPON was his ‘Reputation / His AMMUNITION was “Fear!” & “Intimidation!” + A “Hood” hid his face. / No victim ever saw him, No Artist ever sketched his features. / No Sheriff could ever track his trail. + “Black Bart was his name & Fear was his Game! + When the HOOD finally came off, there was nothing to FEAR. / When he was finally tracked down, they didn’t find a BLOODTHIRSTY BANDIT! + But, what they found was a mild-mannered DRUGGIST from Decatur, Ill. / He was so afraid of horses he rode to and from his robberies in a buggy. / His name was Charles E. Boles ----- The bandit who never once fired a shot, because he NEVER once LOADED his gun! / How easily he could have been defeated!

MAIN POINT – “The Remedy For Fear” / Thank God there is a Remedy!

1. ‘Jesus’ is the “Remedy” for Fear! / How do we know that?

2. Do you think Jesus was ever afraid of anything? / “NO” – WHY?

3. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” John 10:1 / “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father!” John 14:9 / Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are ALL the SAME! ---- Always remember, God kicked Satan out of heaven !

4. All “born again” Christians have the Holy Spirit of God living on the inside of them.

5. Think about when the Holy Spirit FALLS all over you, are you afraid of anything?

6. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7 KJV

7. The ‘Spirit Filled’ life / Prevents fear from having dominance over you!


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