Summary: One of the keys to fellowship with God is Obedience. It’s important to Obey and heed the voice of the Lord for increased fellowship. This sermon has 5 points to help us in the area of Obedience.

Title: Keys To Fellowship With God (Part 1 of 5)

Sub-Title: The Foundation Of Obedience

Sermon Series: 1 out of 5

Text: I John 2:3-5


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Have you ever heard the expression “Face the music”? Here’s how that phrase came about:

Many years ago, a man wanted to play in the Imperial Orchestra, but he couldn’t play a note. Since he was a person of great wealth and influence, however, he demanded to be allowed to join the orchestra so that he could perform in front of the king.

The conductor agreed to let him sit in the second row of the orchestra. Even though he couldn’t read music, he was given a flute, and when a concert would begin, he would raise his instrument, pucker his lips, and move his fingers. He went through all the motions of playing, but he never made a sound.

This deception went on for two years. Then one day a new conductor took over the Imperial Orchestra. He told the orchestra that he wanted to personally audition all the players to see how well they could play. The audition would weed out all those who weren’t able to meet his standards, and he would dismiss them from the orchestra.

One by one the players performed in his presence. Frantic with worry when it was his turn, the phony flutist pretended to be sick. The doctor who was ordered to examine him, however, declared that he was perfectly well. The conductor insisted that the man appear and demonstrate his skill.

Shamefacedly, the man had to confess that he was a fake. That was the day he had to “face the music.”

- One of the keys to fellowship with God is Obedience.

- Like this story, many Christians go through the motions with lip service and body attendance but never obey or heed to the voice of the Lord and the Word of God.

- A time is coming when all of us will be called to stand before the judge of heaven and earth and “face the music.” It’s important that we understand what Obedience is.

- What is Obedience?

- Obedience is compliance or submission, to heed or conform to a command or authority.

- What do we heed to? Or what do we comply or submit to?

- (a) To God, Heb 5:9; 11:8

- (b) Jesus teaching, Luke 17:6

- (c) To the faith, Acts 6:7

- (d) The gospel, Rom 10:16; 2 Thess 1:8

- (i) To sin, Rom 6:12

- (j) In general, Rom 6:16

- So one of the keys to fellowship with God is Obedience. This morning we are going to address the foundation of obedience, the key to fellowship with God.

- To put this text into proper context, John was contending against a misunderstanding of the doctrine of grace and salvation.

- There was a popular teaching back then that taught forsaking a sinful life was optional for the believer.

- So John boldly states in our text this morning that “We know that we have come to know Him if we obey His commands.”

- Obedience is important to the believer, it shows that we are saved and that Christ lives in us. When a believer does not obey the Word of God and heed to what it says, walks on dangerous ground (Spiritually)


- Now there are benefits of obedience, and there are challenges to us as believers when we obey. We are going to discuss them this morning so we can have closer fellowship with God.

- So this morning lets look see what we can expect from God when we obey Him and also see how obedience will challenge us to leave our comfort zones into closer fellowship with God.

What Can We Expect From God When We Obey Him?

Point 1: Obedience to God often keeps us from harm

Exodus 15:26 says, “If you will listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and obey it, and do what is right, then I will not make you suffer the diseases I sent on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord who heals you.”

- God promised that if the people obeyed Him they would be free from the diseases that plagued the Egyptians.

- Little did they know that many of the moral laws God later gave them were designed to keep them free from sickness.

- For example, following God’s law against prostitution would keep them free from sexual diseases. God’s laws for us are often designed to keep us from harm.

- The Egyptians lived a life back them, consisting of worshiping false gods, living in immoral sin and disobedience to the laws of nature. There was no restraints for the people of Egypt. Thus they had problems.

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