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Summary: (PowerPoint slides are freely available by emailing emile@wolfaardt.com)Learning from Jesus how to walk in the miraculous.

Journeying with John - It’s a Blast (Jwj-18)

Fetching Your Miracle

John 4:43-54

This morning I want to invite you to open your Bibles with me to one of the most profound expressions of faith in all of Scripture. I think you’ll agree with me on that by the time we are done.

It has been two days since Jesus deeply touched the life a broken woman at a dusty well in Samaria, two days since He turned a village upside down with the declaration of truth. Jesus is about to step out of Samaria and into John, the fourth chapter and the 43rd verse - John 4:43.

While you are turning there - let me grab your attention with what God has laid on my heart for us this morning. I believe that God has the miracle you are waiting for. Church - let me say that again - I believe God has the miracle you are waiting for. Come on now. The hold up with your miracle is not on God’s side. How many of you know that God can do the miracle you are waiting for right now?

God is not trying to summons enough faith to do your miracle!

God does not need to wait until He can pull enough coin together to release finances into your life.

God is not waiting for the waters to stir so He can jump in the pool to get you your healing.

You see my friend, the hold up is not on God’s side. He does not lack the power, the resources or the will to do your miracle. Let me say that again - . He does not lack the power, the resources or the will to do your miracle. Now that does not mean that the issue is your faith - I want you to understand that. The hold up is not on God’s side - but that does not mean it is necessarily on your side. It could be the fact that the level of faith in the community is low, or the teaching you have been exposed to is wrong, or the things others have prayed over you are interfering, or there are other things in your life that God is dealing with first. It may be you - but it is not necessarily you - I want you to understand that.

I have seen godly people wait for miracles that have not come despite the fact that they believe as well as anybody I know.

The hold up is not God - and the hold up may not be you. So what I want to talk with you about this morning from the Word of God is ‘Fetching for Your Miracle.’ Amen! How many of you this morning could do with a miracle?

I believe one of the most destructive lies that the devil has sold many in the church is not that God does not or cannot do miracles, but that your miracle is still a long way off. ‘Yes, God may be powerful, and yes, God may heal you - but your miracle is still a long way off.’ How many of you know that’s a lie?

When God made you He wired you for the supernatural, and when God put faith in you, He equipped you for miracles. There is something in you that naturally reaches for the supernatural. Every time you pray a payer, hear a testimony, read of a miracle - your faith rises up and reaches out. Come on now - how many of your know what I am talking about? Every time you find yourself in a desperate situation, or a crushing need, or a deep concern - your faith reaches for the miraculous - for divine intervention - and that is all a miracle is - divine intervention to meet a need.

Now watch this - I believe God has done everything you need Him to do for your miracle, and that your miracle is now not a matter of chance, or somebody sprinkling some miracle pixie-dust on you, or you being the lucky one to hit the miracle jackpot - but of you taking the biblical steps to go and fetch your miracle.

For too long I believe many have been hamster-caged in some wrong theology that never sees the supernatural, never bursts through the limitations of human ability and simply runs the treadmill of human endeavor. Ever got stuck on the sweating it out for Jesus treadmill?

Gideon was. Do you remember what he said in Judges 6:13, “If the Lord is with us, why then has all this happened to us? And where are all the miracles which our fathers told us of?” That was Gideon before the power of God set upon him - and that is many a Christian in the church today.

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