Summary: In this scripture we see a wonderful testimony of how God will use any body who is not afraid. God is calling youth who are not afraid to take a stand.

In this scripture we see a wonderful testimony of how God will use any body who is not afraid.

Fear is one of the greatest enemy of our success

The fear of failure, will keep you from trying.

The fear of being alone, we keep you from lifting up a standard.

The fear of rejection, will cause you to compromise.

The fear of commitment, we cause you not to be trusted.

But if you can overcome your fears, mix it with faith and courage. God will do great things with your life

In this scripture we find the children of Israel after at least 40 days of being taunted and threatened by the Philistines.

Israel was on one mountain and the Philistines on the other.

There was a valley between them

The Philistines sent there champion Goliath to threaten them,

Israel sent out a troop. Goliath said I am one man, send one man to fight me.

The Men responded in fear,

David was sent to bring food to his brothers who were fighting.

When he heard this he could not believe that the men, that had taught him to trust in God, were now running away in fear.

David begain to ask what is going all.

In verse 32 we see that

David went to Saul told him that he would fight Goliath.

Saul told David that he was to young and did not have enough experience to fight.

Saul did not think David could win because of his age.

He did not realize that David had fought and won battles that men twice his age could not handle.

But David began to tell Saul his testimony of how he fought that Lion and the Bear.

Its was not until David shared his testimony with Saul, that Saul agreed to let him go and fight.

So it is with many of the young people today. We have been through some things that some of the grown people around us have not gone through.

Young people, if you want to older saints in the church to respect you and your ministry,

who have got to tell them your testimony.

You need to tell them don’t be fooled by may age, I have been to the valley of disappear

and I have fought against the enemy of my soul. and Thanks be to God I have the victory.

Tell them about the times you have stayed up all night crying out to God for an answer.

They are not letting you do anything, because they don’t think you have been through anything. You have got to tell them.

Once Saul heard what David had been through, then he said “Go, and the Lord be with you.”

David could not go until Saul gave him permission, Saul was his king and ruler over him.

Young people, it does not matter what you have been through, how much anointing you have or what you testimony is. You must always obey those that have rule over you.

If you don’t, God will never bless your ministry.

David would have died at the hand of Galaith, if he did not have permission to fight him.

David, was young but he knew that the battle belong to God.

He told Saul, the same God that gave me the victory over the Lion.

The same God that gave me the victory over the Bear.

Will give me the victory over this uncircumcised Philistine.

Saul proceeded to Give David his armor, so that he could fight.

But it did not fit. David said I can’t were this because I have never fought with this.

David took of Sauls armor and when and got some stones.

David knew that he could not win trying to be like Saul.

The problem is when we start our ministries at a young age, we start off trying to be like somebody else.

We try to imitate them. This leads to failure. It also makes you look silly. Everybody knows that you are trying to be somebody else. so they don’t respect

your ministry.

You must realized that God has invested so much in you, than you need not copy anyone else. The bible says “He who has begun a good work in you , will perform it until the day of Christ.”

We can’t fight this fight using some else’s armor. Use what you have.

Use what you used to overcome in the past.

David told Goliath, “You come with spear and sword, but I come in the Name of the


Young People, we are living in a different world than the world our parents and grand

parents grew up in.

In general things are better for us. We have more opportunity. We have more

possibilities. We can be what we want to be. The sky is the limit.

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