Summary: The world’s hardest job is being a father.

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A) If you were asked to name the world’s hardest job, what would you say it is?

* Serving as president of the U.S.? * Heading up the United Nations?

* Serving Jesus Christ somewhere as a missionary or as a pastor?

B) Each of those choices could be defended!

* But I believe that an even harder job than any of those is being a good parent!

* And today I’m thinking especially of the work of the father!

C) I want to tell you why a father’s job tops nearly every other!

* And if you are a father, I want to suggest some insight into what your job is & how you can

do it better!

D) A father must make decisions - right decisions!

* And he dare not make them in a state of confusion or panic!

E) A father, like a person steering a canoe, must always be ahead of upcoming situations!

* The effective father must look down river in the life of his family,

* Preparing to make good decisions! * His job is to keep his family dry!

F) You can be a good father, but faith and good intentions are not enough!

* Even a godly man can be a failure as a father!

* Samuel, David, and Aaron are some men in the Bible who show that is true!

G) The Bible, in fact, tells of many who failed in their tasks as fathers!

* Isaac was partial to Esau! * You cannot read of his home life without sensing that he failed

in raising his sons!

H) Jacob in turn was a failure! * Gen.34 tells of a crisis in his family in which he failed to

act at all! * As a result, an entire community perished!

I) Eli failed to guide his sons into a walk with God!

* And his house came tumbling down around his ears!

J) Solomon’s son was weak & foolish - a living reminder that even the wisest of men was a

failure as a father!

* The question of the failure of so many fathers in the Bible is a troubling one!

K) Why did they fail? * And how can we fathers today avoid the same kind of failure?

* Consider with me three important questions about fatherhood!

(1) WHAT IS A FATHER? * A father is a parent, a partner in transmitting human life!

* He is a protector and a provider! * He is also a teacher sharing knowledge and instruction

about living in our world!

A) Being an effective father is a staggering responsibility!

* It’s one thing to guide your own footsteps, but it’s quite another to guide someone else’s.

B) Many fail as fathers simply because they underestimate their task!

* The rate of failure among fathers may well be higher than that of any occupation!

C) No other calling is as demanding than a father!

* A father must transmit to his children God’s basic revelation, that we are God’s creatures,

* Accountable to Him in all we are and do! * He is the source of right & justice in the home!

D) He must be a leader, provider, teacher and counselor!

* Examine the role of the father closely and you begin to see a tiny likeness to God’s own role

with reference to the human race, as God loves, rules & provides for all creation!

* So the human father is to nourish, protect & guide his little family!

E) David clearly perceived that likeness when he wrote in Psalm 103:13,

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