Summary: Jesus’ last recorded words were important for His disciples, and they are important for us today.

I. Assurance that he was Real (39-43)

A. They ‘still did not believe for joy’

B. They thought it was too good to be true

II. Power to Perceive the Truth (45)

A. He ‘opened their understanding’

B. He gave them a new Bible – a new

understanding of the OT

III. Gave Principles to Proclaim

A. Death & Resurrection (46)

B. Repentance from sin (47)

C. Sins can be forgiven (47)

IV. Gave a Purpose to Pursue (48)

A. ‘You are witnesses’

B. Witness – word for martyr: witness to the

point of death

V. Gave Power to Perform the Task (49)

A. Boy playing chopsticks with great pianist

B. Holy Spirit makes our feeble best into glorious music

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