Summary: Revelation 19:11-21 shows us that we can be confident that Jesus has already won Final Victory in its description of the Victory of the King of Kings' Army and the Demise of the Beast's Army. Be AT the Lord's Wedding feast, don't BE a feast for the fowl!

Final Victory and Demise

Text: Revelation 19:11-21

Preaching Outline, written December 2007, Sterling C. Franklin

Introduction –

1) Familiarity with a movie – you know the ending and have confidence that it will carry out correctly. The end has already been written.

2) A novelist will often plan out his or her book by writing the end before the beginning. God is thus the original novelist, who has written out a magnificent plan and will carry it out in due time.

Proposition – We can be confident that final victory has already been won by and through Jesus.

Organizational Sentence – Revelation 19:11-21 shows us that we can be confident that Jesus has already won Final Victory in its description of the Victory of the King of Kings' Army and the Demise of the Beast's Army.

I. The Victory of the King of Kings' Army (11-16).

----A. Description of the Rider – Jesus (11-13, 15-16).

-------- 1. Names (11, 13, 16).

------------ a. Faithful and True (11). Jesus is reliable, dependable, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He purchased our way to God through His Blood.

------------ b. The Word of God (13). Just as in the Gospel according to John, Jesus is proclaimed as the Word of God made flesh, who dwelled among us.

------------ c. King of Kings and Lord of Lords (16). He reigns supreme!

-------- 2. Physical Characteristics (11-13).

------------ a. Is riding on a white horse – symbol of victory (11).

------------ b. Has eyes like blazing fire – symbol of omniscience (12).

------------ c. Is wearing many crowns – Ruler over all (12).

------------ d. Is wearing a robe dipped in blood -- He has overcome and is exalted, as in Hebrews, by His Blood. He has purchased an eternal inheritance for us through His Blood. The saints also overcome in Revelation 12 by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony. There is power in Jesus' Blood! (13).

-------- 3. Functional Characteristics (11, 15).

------------ a. Judges and makes war with justice (11). Jesus does not wage improper wars, but He will come a second time to judge the world. Will you be ready?

------------ b. Has a sharp sword to strike down the nations (15). Jesus has authority to judge the living (quick) and the dead.

------------ c. Has an iron scepter with which to rule (15). He reigns with a definite reign.

---- B. Description of the Army – The Saints (14).

-------- 1. Following after the rider on the white horse – allegiance (14).

-------- 2. Riding on white horses – symbols of victory (14).

-------- 3. Dressed in fine linen, white and clean -- symbols of purity (14).

The followers of Christ are faithful to Jesus, have victory through His name, and are already made clean before God through the Blood of the Lamb. We already have victory. Let's walk in that joy today!

II. The Demise of the Beast's Army (17-21).

---- A. The angel's festal call to the birds (17-18).

-------- 1. Entitled 'the Great Supper of God' (17). God often judges wickedness through means of humiliation. Birds killing and eating a vast army is utter humiliation.

-------- 2. The Beast's and Kings' armies are promised as the meal (18). Though the Beast looks appealing from a secular standpoint, the Beast has already been defeated, and he will be humiliated in the end.

---- B. The plight of the armies gathered against the Lord (20-21, cf. 19).

-------- 1. The plight of the Beast and the false prophet (20).

------------ a. The Beast and false prophet are captured (20). They are subdued, and thus, they do not have authority over any of the Saints' Army.

------------ b. The Beast and false prophet are cast into the lake of fire (20). They are eternally punished for their denial and hostility toward the God who desired for them to repent and know His Goodness. Since He is a Just God, He judges wickedness accordingly.

-------- 2. The plight of the rest of the armies (21).

------------ a. The rest are killed by the rider's sword (21). The Rider (Jesus) has ultimate victory, and though hated by the world, those following Him overcome through Jesus.

------------ b. The remnants of the armies are eaten by the birds (21). Those who don't follow Christ end up in Fowl Territory.

Applications & Call to Response

1) Victory has already been won because of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

2) While we still are alive and have time, let us repent and serve God!

3) As followers of Christ, let us be loyal, victorious, and pure in our Walk before Him.

4) Jesus will return for us, as He has promised, so let us live righteously, awaiting His arrival (cf. Matthew 24).

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