Summary: Satan uses guilt so many times to hold us back from experiencing God’s ultimate purposes for us, so we need to break through the guilt and that is accomplished through confession.

Finding Freedom from Guilt!

Boy and Grandma’s duck

Satan’s weapon of guilt on the growing Christian

One Christian discipline provides freedom from guilt


4 Preachers

Fellowship of saints, not sinners

3 Essentials to Confession:

An examination of conscience

Open to the gaze of God

Specific sins, not general


Not emotion, but will

An abhorrence at the sin that offends God

We take sin too lightly- Jer. 44:4

Determination to avoid sin

Desire to be conquered and ruled by God

Jer. 44:1-10

1 Jn. 1:9

We are SINNERS, not saints

The freedom from confession leads to


Ga. 5:1, 13

Free from worry?

Php. 4:4, 6-8

4- Rejoice, celebrate, be happy

How? V. 6-8

6-7- anxious for nothing

KJV- careful for nothing

Mt. 6:25

Christians are called to be care free

8- mind on things above

Problems in life don’t seem as big

Praying and singing alone won’t bring joy

This is an act of the will

What does celebration look like in the Bible?

Ex. 15:20; 2 Sam. 6:14-16; Ps. 150

Jesus- Lk. 2:10; 4:18, 19; Jn. 15:11

What does celebration look like today?

Benefits of Celebration:

Perspective- laugh at yourself

Freedom from guilt

So what?

Maybe you’re experiencing Satan’s guilt assault?

Maybe you would like to experience Christ’s freeing power?

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