Summary: The Rest Area a most important signpost but often misapplied. An often-used phrase when some one is trying to determine God’s will. “ I have a peace about it”. We are going to investigate today and explore this.

Finding God’s will sign post rest area Sunday April 7th 2002

The Rest Area a most important signpost but often misapplied. An often-used phrase when some one is trying to determine God’s will. “ I have a peace about it”. We are going to investigate today and explore this.

Symbolic of this ‘peace’ is Rest. With out too much details Hebrew tell us about two rests, their rest of salvation and the rest from works. In either case there is a state of mind that God says we can have when we cease striving and we know we are in the center of God’s will. We are walking with Him in complete satisfaction and complete agreement. In other words we have come to a state of mind we can call the REST AREA.

Are you right now as you are pursuing God’s will can you say, “I’m at the Rest area. I don’t just have a peace about it I have the peace of God? I AM RESTING.

Illustration: the Solider who was dying, buddies trying to save him, he told them to sit him down there was no need to carry him he knew he was dying; they ask then what could they do? He responded by asking them to get out his new Testament and read him John 14; 27: after reading that, he said, “I have that peace, and I am going to see that savior, and he was gone”. ONE OF THE BIGGEST THINGS GOD DOES FOR US IN THIS LIFE IS GIVE US THIS ATTENDING PEACE. WHEN WE ARE DYING, WHEN WE ARE LIVING THERE IS A REST, A PEACE THAT ONLY GOD CAN GIVE THAT GIVES US ACCEPTANCE EVEN WHEN WE DOUBTS CREEP IN.B


1. What it is not: John 14:27;

a. IT IS NOT CIRCUMSTASTANITIAL; THAT IS why it is different than what the world gives. If we have bought into the world system of peace, then it is our circumstances that bring peace. What I have observed is that our circumstances play a huge role in the choices we make, and many times we will say because our circumstances are good then we must do this or that. If they are bad then we don’t do this or that. Illustration of this is in Hebrews the hall of faith. Give a few examples of circumstances, but how did these respond, and why? Because they saw him who was invisible, they knew there was a better city; etc. A VERY IMPORTANT TRUTH, OFTEN TIMES GOD’S WILL WILL BE IN STARK CONTRAST TO OUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES. So just because the circumstances seem to say to you do this or that it does not mean this is God’s will walk in it. However God does use circumstances to discipline us and to get us to places we might not want to go. But make sure your circumstances do not dictate to you entirely your direction. GOD’S PEACE IS NOT CIRCUMSTANCIAL, GAL. 5:22-23; God ‘s peace is produced by the HOLY SPIRIT not CIRCUMSTANCES.

b. IT IS NOT LOGICAL: it does not always mean it is illogical; Note was it logical for Joseph to be sold as a slave, rejected by his brothers? Did it make sense to him or to anyone who would be obsevering? No but God was working a plan, and if we try to live in the future and not the present, then we will miss God’s will based on logic. SOMETIMES WE FAILED TO FACTOR IN THE SUPERNATURAL AND SOVERIGN ABILITY OF GOD; OR WE TRY TO LIVE IN THE FUTURE AND NOT THE PRESENT. Joseph in prison Gen.39: 19-21; So the Lord was with Joseph; ILLUSTRATION OF THE EMBRODIARY;



a. It is the absence of a troubled heart; 14:27; Context tell why Jesus said what He said; And what did they need at this point in their journey? Peace> and they were to make a choice to receive His peace. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid? How? We will see this later, for now just remember you and I must make a choice. Note it has nothing to do with FEELING; BUT IT IS A STATE OF MIND. AND IT IS BASED ON BEING IN THE CETER OF HIS WILL. If you say you have a peace about it and our heart is still troubled then we don’t have the peace of God. This peace, which Jesus gives, is what we can well describe as "the ability to cope." I learned long ago that when people seek counseling they almost invariably come with two problems. First, they have the problem that has troubled them, for which they want a solution. But their second rigid views of an problem is the upset attitude they have toward their problem, the torn and pressured feeling they have about it that blocks their reasoning power and reduces them to narrow and rigid view of the event. IN OUTHER WORDS THEY ARE TROUBLED AND FEARFUL.I have learned there is no use trying to answer the problem they have until you first solve the problem they are, and teach them how to have peace. When they approach the problem with a sense of peace their dilemma unravels itself.

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