Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Finding our way through life can be difficult, unless we have someone to light our way for us.

Finding our way through life we have many tools:

• On the road:

o Road Signs

o Maps

o Ask for directions

o Directions from officials

• Raising children:

o Handbooks by the experts

o Advice from “parents” and “grand-parents”

o Our kids. 

o Those who don’t have children

The “old time” cars at King’s Island were the first cars I (and maybe some of you) got to drive…wasn’t it great that they had tracks? You could take your hands off the wheel and off they would go, as long as you keep your foot on the pedal.

Scariest verse in the bible…or is it? (Matthew 7:14)

Is Jesus saying the way is so hard only a few can find heaven? Can Christians be assured they are saved or must we walk through life in fear of dying at the wrong moment on our journey?

Romans 8:34-36 (What can separate us?)

I John 3:1-10 (It is possible to know…(vs. 3) John says the key vs. 10)

One unforgivable sin…blaspheme, “if you worry about it…” haven’t done it.

A seeker of God continues to seek and strive to live for him contrasts -the one who feels no further need to assemble, to strive, to study…as long as we “take up our cross” (dying daily – doing His will not ours – following his plan not ours) we will find our selves acceptable, just my opinion.

That was the second part of our earlier question about “few” finding the way…what about the narrow way…

If you have ever worked a maze you know then that there a many choices, but only one path leads out. Recently I used a maze at a lock-in for our devotitional. The kids got to go through the maze twice - once in complete darkness (they had to feel their way) and then with candles lighting the way.

In the devotional we later moved on to a “bible scavenger hunt”…the psalmist wrote, “your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”. With the candles on the kids breezed through the maze – with their bibles they found the way to our devotional, with God’s word we can find the path.

Jesus is telling us if we want to have access to the Father, if we want hope of heaven…there’s only one way (through him.)

Before going to the cross Jesus gave some specific warnings…Matt. 24:10-11

“many false prophets…deceive the elect” (another scary thought).

Back to maze example many paths can look right…there are many ways the world is trying to push…the look okay.

Like the maze …Jesus gave us a map to find salvation.

John 10:9-10

It’s through Him.

We have to make the choice to follow Him or take our own path. (Joshua 24:15) the challenge of Joshua stands to us today.

It’s not narrow in the sense that you can’t walk it…it’s narrow so you won’t miss it!

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