Summary: This sermon utilizes five questions from a short video clip from called "Potter’s Hand". The answers to those questions are found in the passage.

Within the seemingly mundane conversation in this passage, I believe we can find the answers to some of life’s most profound questions.

1. Who am I?

IF I am…

A man made in the image of God – Gen 1:26

A sinner in which that image is flawed – Rom 3:23


I am not worthy of worship, only God is. - v. 26

2. Why did God make me?

IF I am…

To be His messenger to all people – Matt 28:18-20

To walk in good works in Christ – Eph 2:8-10


I must treat all men equally. – v. 28

3. Does God know who I am?


He knew me before I was born – Jer 1:5

He knows the very hairs of my head – Matt 10:30


I am individually important to Him. – v.31

4. Why am I here?

IF I am…

To be His witness – Acts 1:8

To present my body as a living sacrifice to Him – Rom 12:1


I should speak what He commands – v. 33

5. Who cares?


He gave so much for me – John 3:16


I should find purpose in life from Him – ISA 64:8

Peter and Cornelius were both trying to figure out what it was they were doing in this situation and what purpose they had in it. In each of them being faithul and obedient they were fulfilling God’s purpose for them without even knowing it at the time. Let’s allow ourselves to be used of God so that we too can find purpose in the potter’s hands.

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